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Sterling Silver Dog Charms

Below Are Our Custom Sterling Silver Charms. Sterling silver personalized charms make an occasion more memorable. Choose one of these unique silver charms as one of the birthday charms your loved one receives. Our dog charms were chosen with care to make the recipients day special just like you think they are.

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Sterling Silver Charm Bracelet
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Code: SSCB
Sterling Silver Airedale Charm
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Code: CHS2082
Sterling Silver Bichon Frise Charm
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Code: CHS2099
Sterling Silver Cocker Spaniel Charm
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Code: CHS2090
Sterling Silver Dalmation Charm
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Code: CHS2097
Sterling Silver German Shepherd Charm
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Code: CHS2086
Sterling Silver Maltese Charm
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Code: CHS2087
Sterling Silver Pekingese Charm
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Code: CHS2114
Sterling Silver Schnauzer Charm
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Code: CHS2115
Sterling Silver Shih Tzu Charm
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Code: CHS2095

Would You Like To Give Your Loved One, Dog Charms? Peruse The Web Site To Find The Perfect One.

Sterling silver personalized charms make great birthday charms. Browse through the charms to find your unique silver charm. Could this be one of the custom sterling silver charms you would choose for your special day?

The charms are listed alphabetically to make it easier for you to find the right breed. Note the detail on each of the charms. A dog charm could be the perfect gift for your daughters custom sterling silver charms collection or for your mother's new charm bracelet.