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24k Gold Rose Specials

Our Mother's Day Rose Specials are real roses preserved in lacquer and trimmed in 24k gold or copper. These flowers range from eight inches to eighteen inches long with the most popular size being our eleven inch gold roses. These particular roses come in limited colors that will surely make your Mother's Day rose the most unique gift and at a bargain of a price. You may also add a personalized heart charm to be hung from the bud of any of these roses.

24k Gold Trimmed 8'' Christmas Lights Rose Gift
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Code: 8AB
11" 24k Gold Christmas Lights Rose
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Code: 11AB
24k Gold Trimmed Pink Mothers Day Rose Gift: 18in.
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Code: MDR11OR
Mothers Day 24k Gold Stem Rose Gift and Engraved Heart
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Code: MDR11GS
24k Gold Trimmed Green Mothers Day Rose Gift
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Code: EBMDR11C
24k Gold Rose: 11in. Gold Stem Princess Red Rose
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Code: RRGTS11
24k Gold Stem Princess Rose in Acrylic Stand: 11in.
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Code: GTS11AS
Gold Dipped Rose 11 Inch Aquamarine Rose
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Code: 11GTRLB
24k Gold Trimmed Rose: 18in. Pink Rose
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Code: 18GTRP
24k Gold Trimmed Rose in Personalized Stand: 8in.
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Mini 24k Gold Rose: 5in. Ivory White Rose
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Code: 5PR
Mini 24k Gold Rose in Stand: 5in.
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Code: PR5
5in. Mini 24k Gold Rose in Walnut I Love You Stand
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Mini 24k Gold Rose in Glass Dome: 5in.
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Code: PRINS5
Mini Gold Rose in Glass Museum Case: 5in.
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Code: PP5RR
2 Mini Gold Roses in Glass Museum Case: 5in.
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Code: PP5RR2
2 5in. Gold Roses in Anniversary Gift Shadow Box
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Code: 10x12SB5PR2
5in. Gold Rose in Wedding Invitation Gift Shadow Box
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Pope Francis 24k Gold Rose
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Code: PFR11