Gifts for Dad on Father’s Day

Should we celebrate Father’s Day……..?! Absolutely YES!! This is such a great opportunity to honor our dads. I think in the normal course of life, we sometimes lose touch with all that our dads do for us. They are off working on creating a wonderful life for us, sometimes with our not knowing how hard they are working. So, Father’s Day is an opportunity to celebrate these great men in our lives!

There are a multitude of ideas for gifts. A lot depends on what your dad is into. Does he love sports? A baseball hat with his favorite team’s logo is a great choice. If he likes to cook, new barbecue tools would cook up something special. Or, is he an outdoors man? Running shoes, rain jacket, or water bottle could hit the spot. Maybe he likes to build things, or maybe he is techy. Lots of gift choices in these two categories from tools to phone accessories. A t-shirt with a special saying is often a memorable and fun gift. There are key chains and coasters that also can have special personalization that lets dad know he is special. If your dad served in the military, a gold dipped rose from our collection of Personalized Military Gifts at would be a beautiful gift paying tribute to his service.


Personalized Military Gold Dipped Rose
Gold Dipped Rose with Photo

Sharing time together is one of the best gifts!  Going to a sporting event, having dinner out, or even barbecuing at home are wonderful ways to share the moments.  One of the very BEST gifts in addition to your time is a message from your heart.  I think sometimes we don’t let dad know in words how important he is.  Maybe because we think it is something that he wouldn’t necessarily care about.  I believe he does want to hear what you think and how much you care.  Here are some ideas for you in creating your own special Father’s Day message for your dad.

If you were a challenging child, this might be a message from you.  “Dad, there were countless times that I took your love for granted and gave you a lot of disappointments.  However, you never called me a failure for all the mistakes I have made.  Still, you loved me for me.  Words are not enough to tell you how much I love you and how thankful I am for you.”

This is for a dad that inspires: “Thank you, Dad, for all of your inspiration and love.  You have always been there for me, through thick and thin.  You’re not just my dad, you are one of my best friends.  I could not wish for a better dad than you.  Happy Father’s Day, Dad.”

If you and your dad are miles apart, here is a message for you:  “Dear Dad, you mean the world to me.  Though I am miles away, you are always in my heart.  I am so thankful for you.  You have guided me, encouraged me, and always have loved me.  You were always there to cheer me on and never lost faith in me.  Thank you, Dad. I send my love to you.”

This message was given with a Engraved Family Tree:  “Dad, we wanted this Father’s Day to be a lot more special than it has years passed.  You are such a fantastic father and we hope that a day doesn’t go by where you don’t feel the love, appreciation, and admiration we have for you and all that you do for us.  Thank you for everything you have given us, done for us, and taught us.  We are so lucky to have a father like you.  Happy Father’s Day, Dad.”–  M C K M & I, Hermon, Maine.

Engraved Family Tree Stand Gold
Engraved Family Tree Stand

Whatever you do on Father’s Day, make sure your dad knows you love him.

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