The nature-inspired 8" Heirloom lilies are also layered with 24k gold, silver, platinum and white. These metal art flowers are hand sculpted and made in the USA. Like the roses, they were created by taking real lilies and designing handmade models capturing the exquisite elegance of each petal. They come with personalized vases and museum cases.

We love creating inspiring gifts that help you celebrate your relationships! What better way to do that than combining roses, precious metals, and your heartfelt messages personalized forever?! Our 7" Heirloom Rose Collection is designed by jewelry artisan Sid Fey, who was inspired by his wife Kathy's love for flowers. They are all MADE IN THE U.S.A., and are completely exclusive to Love Is A Rose. We take real flowers and create metal patterns from them using age-old techniques. They are then elegantly finished in 24k gold, platinum, silver, and rose gold as well as in special flower colors. The new metal art roses are layered with special finishes of 24k gold and silver. Inspired by nature, the flowers were created by taking real roses and designing handmade models capturing the exquisite beauty of each flower petal. Add personalized engraved messages to your gifts to last forever. Your gift and message of love is designed to inspire and honor your relationship. These roses will become anniversary heirlooms that will last forever, creating memories of those.