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How To Commemorate a Long-Distance Anniversary

How To Commemorate a Long-Distance Anniversary

Many couples today find themselves in long-distance relationships. It’s not easy to celebrate special occasions together, such as an anniversary, when you’re physically far apart from each other. The good news is that technology has made it possible to do many activities that were once only possible in person. To help you celebrate your special day together, we’ve come up with a guide on how to commemorate a long-distance anniversary.

Create a Playlist

Whether you both share a love for rock and roll or your music tastes don’t quite match up, it can be fun to try and develop a playlist you think your partner will love. Find a service such as YouTube or Spotify that allows you to pick and choose different songs to add together. Your significant other can listen to these playlists throughout the day to remind you how much you care for one another.

DJ a Set

Maybe you both live for the excitement of the live experience. Turn your living room into a DJ booth and try to find songs to which you can jam out together. If you want to share your anniversary escapades with others, you can invite some friends near you to join the fun. Just because you’re not in the same room doesn’t mean you can’t party like you are.

Have a Game Night

If you both have a competitive streak, you might find it fun to fire up your consoles and meet up with each other in the virtual world. If you aren’t hardcore gamers, there are still many different traditional board games available online. If video games aren’t your speed, you can test each other’s detective skills with a scavenger hunt or grab some friends and play charades through the webcam. It can even be as simple as working on the daily crossword together.

Take Matching Photos

A fun way to keep each other on your toes is to try and send a photo of yourself doing something around your home or hotel, in your city, or wherever you might be, and have the other person try and send back a photo of them doing something similar. It could be as simple as a silly pose in front of your television. You can also try finding locations around town—such as a beach if you live near one—and taking a picture there. Just remember to be as safe as possible whenever you’re traveling.

“Open When” Letters

“Open when” letters work by sending your partner a series of letters with instructions on when to open them. These can be as varied as being opened at a particular time or whenever your partner feels a certain way. For example, if your partner is having a bad day, you might have sent a letter telling them to open it when that happens. Inside they will find a spark that can help lift them out of their funk.

Record a Message

Just because you’re far away from each other doesn’t mean you can’t still catch your significant other by surprise. Take your phone and record a voice memo or video telling your partner how you feel or give some words of encouragement. You can then send it to your partner while they’re sleeping or at work and brighten their day when they get the chance to open it.

Watch a Movie

Sometimes you need to experience the power of cinema. While you may not be able to go to the movie theater together, that doesn’t mean you can’t share a similar experience. Pick out a movie that’s currently playing and try to see it at the same time. When you’re both done watching the movie, you can bond over whether you thought it was incredibly lame, just okay, or the next Citizen Kane. If you’re trying to sit on the couch and watch a flick, there are many different streaming services available that allow you both to watch a movie simultaneously.

Cook a Special Dinner

Do you both have a favorite food you love to make together? Find some time before your anniversary to grab the right ingredients at the store. You can then set up a video chat in your kitchen and cook a meal simultaneously. Once you’re finished crafting the perfect dish, you can sit and eat together as if you were both just chatting at your favorite restaurant.

Plan a Trip

Do you have a place you always used to go to with each other? Maybe you’ve both been dying to get some fun in the sun. Find some time to plan a trip together in advance, and when your anniversary arrives, you can celebrate in person. Even if you can’t meet on that day, part of the adventure is imagining yourselves living it up in Ibiza or drinking a mojito on a cruise ship.

Paint a Picture

This idea may require a little bit of prep in advance, but it’s worth the effort. Visit your local craft store or anywhere that has painting supplies and purchase some of the basics. Once you both have everything set up and ready to go, you can find a “How To Paint” video on YouTube and follow along together. Once you’re finished painting, you can share your artwork and laugh at how bad you did or marvel at how your partner could be the next Picasso.

Talk Over Drinks

When you can’t get to the bar, bring the bar to you. Find some cocktail recipes you’ve been wanting to try together and have fun mixing them at the same time. It can be nice to relax and unwind with your partner, and eventually, the physical distance almost won’t seem to matter because you’re having such a wonderful time, and you feel content simply talking with one another. Grabbing a drink is also a perfect, low-maintenance activity if you find it hard to carve out time for a more extended hangout.

Special Gifts

While it can be fantastic to talk with your partner through a video chat or over the phone, being able to hold onto a present physically can be a great reminder of your love for each other. Your anniversary is a special time in your relationship to think back on all the fond memories you share and the memories still to come. Sending your partner a gift in the mail tells them you’ve been thinking of them and how important you are to them. At Love is a Rose, we offer personalized anniversary gifts and many other personalized gifts that show how much you care and last a lifetime. If you have any questions about our products, feel free to email or call us.

How To Commemorate a Long-Distance Anniversary

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