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Personalized Gold Roses

These personalized roses are carefully selected and freshly cut, real roses preserved in lacquer and trimmed in 24k gold, silver or platinum. Special messages of love are imprinted on the rose petals, or engraved on a heart charm making them perfect personalized gifts. You can also add your special personalized message to be engraved on many of our vases. A rose symbolizes love and beauty. A preserved personalized rose gives you the chance to show her your forever love and your admiration of her beauty through symbolism and your own words. It's a gift that will find a place in her heart to stay. These beautiful personalized roses are perfect gifts any occasion.

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Personalized Roses for Mother's Day Gifts
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Personalized Mother's Day Roses
Personalized Roses of Love
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Personalized Roses of Love
Personalized Roses for Anniversary Gifts
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Personalized Anniversary Roses
Gold Roses for Personalized Photo Gifts
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Preserved Roses With Custom Engraved Photos
Personalized Roses for Valentines Day Gifts
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Personalized Valentine's Day Roses
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Personalized Christmas Roses
Personalized Roses for Commemorative Gifts
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Personalized Commemorative Roses

Real Roses are gifts of love. Why not give personalized roses that last forever?

Real roses symbolize love and beauty, but fresh roses will wither and die, unlike our preserved personalized roses! Also, the precious 24k gold, silver, or platinum of the earth each personalized rose is made with, symbolizes richness and power. Show her how rich and powerful your love is with our 24k gold, silver, or platinum roses with personalized messages on the petals. Give her a platinum personalized rose & vase for a Christmas gift, or an anniversary gift. An 24k gold personalized rose is perfect for a Valentines Day gift or a birthday gift. A dipped rose with a personalized heart charm is a beautiful way to show your love for a Mother's Day gift. No matter who you are giving a personalized rose to, we are confident that you will find a gift to suit your needs here at Love Is A Rose.

How are Preserved Personalized Roses made?

There are over 50 steps to create a personalized rose. Since we would rather not get into the fine details of every step included to produce the ppersonalized roses, we'll only share the most important steps. First and foremost, before anything happens to turn a real rose into a preserved personalized rose, a rose must be selected when it is at the peak of it's bloom. Next, it's preserved in lacquer, and then electro-plated with a secret blended formula preparing the real rose to become a 24k gold, silver, or platinum rose. Later, they are all repaired and reformed until the freshly preserved roses are ready for the final finish. They are electro-plated in layers of copper, then nickel, and then the 24k gold, silver, or platinum. It can take 3-6 months of hand work to finish these preserved personalized roses, but once they are done, they will last a lifetime. Much like the love they are often used to represent. Once the preserved rose is finished we then we add a personalized message to the petal of our trimmed roses or we add a personalized heart charm to our dipped roses. This brings you a personalized rose that will last a lifetime. It will be a gift she surely will never forget