"Let's Create a Decade of Healing & Kindness"

Each of us can make a difference when we speak and take actions that are consistent with healing and kindness. There is light if we are willing to see it and brave enough to BE it. The universe will present us with an abundance of opportunities to take simple actions of kindness that can send ripples of love, healing, and compassion flowing throughout the planet for the next decade and beyond. All that is necesssary is our willingness to be present to those miraculous moments.

LoveIsARose Not-For-Profit

LoveIsARose NFP is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization whose mission is to provide gifts of long stem real roses to residents of nursing homes and eldercare facilities and their caregivers along with a message of gratitude, hope, and inspiration to honor them for who they are and who they have been. We have expanded this work to include all first responders, teachers, and health care workers who are the Angels of Service and the Heroes of the Decade.

Real Rose for Caregivers
Wonderful Caregiver

We are funded by the individuals and corporations who believe in our mission and know that, "We can get through this better together." We have an opportunity to create a world that works for everyone with no one left out.
What group of heroes would you like to honor? Let us know how YOU wish to participate.
-Sid & Kathy Fey

We are accepting Donations, Sponsors, and Corporation Partners.

Recent Rose Donation Programs

Northwestern Hospital: Winfield, IL: 1,500 Nurses

Friendship Village of Schaumburg: Schaumburg, IL: 753 Residents and their Caregivers

Northwestern Hospital Group (April/May): 10 Hospitals: 15,000 Nurses

Forest Glen Housing: Carol Stream, IL: 60 Families

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100% of the sales of the gifts below will go towards funding the gifts of real roses to residents of elder care facilities and their caregivers, as well as nurses, healthcare workers, first responders, and teachers!