Creative Christmas gift ideas can be hard to come up with. That's why Love Is A Rose does all the work for you! If you want creative Christmas presents that stand out among the typical gifts, then look no further.

Christmas Ornaments.
Fresh cut plants dipped and preserved forever in 24k gold or platinum. Plants available are a mistletoe, and a rose leaf, which make perfect Christmas Gifts.

24k Gold, Platinum, & Silver Real Christmas Roses.
Trimmed, or entirely dipped, in 24k gold, platinum, or silver, our roses are the most unique and creative Christmas gift ideas. They are REAL and won't die on Tuesday -- they will last a lifetime. Personalize these roses with custom messages on the petals for the most creative Christmas presents.

Engraved Family Birthstone Trees.
If you would like a personalized gift that will hang proudly on the wall year to year, consider our Engraved Family Birthstone Trees! They are engraved with everyone's name and birth date, and below each name is their sparkling birthstone. These trees are truly creative ideas for Christmas gifts.