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50th Anniversary Gift Ideas

Our collection of 50th anniversary gift ideas are truly symbolic of everlasting love. Our most creative gifts for her are our real, 24k gold dipped roses. We also have these roses displayed in shadow boxes which make very unique 50th anniversary gifts for parents. A 50th anniversary is a milestone that represents everlasting love so it is important to give a gift that symbolizes just that. Our 24k gold roses are the perfect embodiment of just that. Real roses that last forever to represent a real love that will last forever. If you are looking for 50th anniversary gifts for her, for parents or your friends, check out all of the wonderful gifts here at Love Is A Rose!

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24k Gold Dipped Rose: 11''
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Code: 11AGR
11'' Gold Dipped Rose in Shadow Box
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Code: 10x12SB11GDR
18'' Real Rose Dipped in 24k Gold
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Code: 18AGR
2 50th Anniversary Gold Plated Roses & Mini Rose Vase
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Code: 8AGR2
Two 8'' 24k Roses & Heart Vase: 50th Anniversary Gift
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Code: 8GDR2HV
50th Anniversary Gift Gold Dipped Roses Princess Vase
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Code: 11AGR2
50th Anniversary Gift: 11'' 24k Dipped Roses & Vase
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Code: 11AGR2PCV
2 Real 18'' Anniversary Roses Dipped in Gold with Vase
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Code: 18AGR2
18'' 24k Dipped Roses in Vase 50th Anniversary Gift
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Code: 18AGR2PV
3 Past, Present, Future 24k Gold Plated Roses: 8''
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Code: 8AGR3
3 Past, Present, Future Gold Dipped Roses: 11''
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Code: 11AGR3
3 Real 18'' Past, Present, Future Roses Dipped in Gold
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Code: 18AGR3
Gold Dipped Roses: Half Dozen 8'' Rose Bouquet
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Code: 8AGR6
Six 11'' 24kt Dipped Real Rose Bouquet
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Code: 11AGR6
Half Dozen 18'' Real Roses Dipped in 24k Gold
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Code: 18AGR6
50th Anniversary Gift: 6 Gold Roses Tree of Life Vase
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Code: 18AGR6TOLV
8'' 24k Gold Plated Rose Bouquet: 12 Roses
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Code: 8AGR12
11'' Gold Dipped Roses: 12 Rose Bouquet
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Code: 11AGR12
18'' Gold Roses: 1 Dozen Rose Bouquet
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Code: 18AGR12
50th Anniversary Bouquet
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Code: 50AB
50th Anniversary Gift: 2 Gold Dipped Roses in Case
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Code: 11GDRAMC

Celebrating Your 50th Anniversary? A Real Rose Preserved In Gold Makes A Very Special Gift.

It can be hard to come up with 50th anniversary gift ideas for your loved ones. This is truly a special celebration and should be celebrated with much fanfare, especially when the divorce rate in our country is so high. But how do you know the perfect gift for your mate?

What about a real rose bouquet dipped in gold? Traditionally, 50th wedding anniversary gifts have been gold. Many people will give the gift of jewelry with real roses, but those will just wither and die. A more elegant option is to buy a real rose preserved in gold, thus preserving the natural beauty of the rose while giving a traditional anniversary gift.

Our gifts in the collection represent the 50th year with 24k gold. Your gift an also be chosen from one of the other collections in the anniversary categories. Not only do the gold roses qualify in recognizing the gold tradition but many of our jewelry pieces would as well. Other gift ideas may include travel for you, why not surprise her with a gold rose or jewelry on her pillow.

Half a century is a major accomplishment let your loved one know that you feel blessed to of been able to share the journey with her. If you are lucky enough to have your parents in your life and be celebrating their 50 years together give them a gift from Love Is A Rose to recognize their love and show you appreciate the family values they have shown by example. Five decades together are to celebrated and shared with many.

Perhaps it is a family member or friends celebration you are attending. Walking into that 50 year anniversary celebration with one of our roses may evoke a tear of joy from the couple. Couples that make it through 50 years with their spouse and their health being that which they can attend a celebration-you are witness to a very blessed event.

Our roses come in a variety of colors so as you are choosing your anniversary gift you will have to decide the color and type of trimming you desire. If you are going to be preserving the entire rose in the precious metal then you need not worry about the color of the rose.

50 years is a milestone and our roses are a symbol of lasting love. A preserved rose or roses can represent all the years you have shared.