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Heartfelt Love Messages

Often we get calls from clients wondering, what to say? Over the years we have seen so many wonderful messages of love, congratulations, and relationships, that we felt it would be useful to share these heartfelt love messages. What we know is that words count. The words we speak and think, create life paths for us. When we communicate them to others, it creates paths for them as well. Your words can inspire, create love, and even change the trajectory of peoples' lives. When we communicate our words to others, their life paths are forever altered. So, choose wisely and let people know how much you care and what you are up to. If you want your loving words to appear here, or if you need any assistance with creating a great love message, call us at 630-393-1111 and our message experts will be glad to help.

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Our Favorite / Best Heartfelt Love Messages!

To read more of some of the best, worst, funniest, and inspiring messages of love we have come across, browse through the categories above. Enjoy!

I wanted to get you some roses for our
anniversary but I didn't have the money
to do so at the time. I love you Becky
this rose represents my love. forever
preserved and golden. it will never die
the main reason I don't like sending
flowers is because they show someones
love but they wilt away and that wont
happen with mine. i love you and may
this rose always be in sight to remind
you of that when you are feeling down
and depressed. the fact we made it past
a year makes me happy that we proved so
many wrong about us. may there be many
years to come.
Z.C. - Fort Campbell, KY

1 year down! Many more to go. From getting hitched on home plate to living in Colorado only a few months later... I'm one very lucky man. Thank you baby.
M.M. - Arvada, CO

To the perfect bride on the happiest day of my life. It seems like just yesterday we were laying in bed and you said those words "I guess we are boyfriend and girlfriend now." Now 5 years, 142 days later our love grows stronger every day. The way you look at me when you tell me "I love you" makes my heart melt every time. I don't know what I have done to deserve the perfect woman, but I am so blessed that I can now call her my wife. I feel like a giddy little boy knowing I am going to turn a new chapter in my life and embark on something so wonderful and precious. Forever and ever baby!
I love you.
Your Husband
R.N. - La Mesa, CA

Whenever you are thinking too much or get home from a rough day at work, look at me. I was sent from someone who is in love with you and misses you every day of his life. Just as I shall never wither and always always remain beautiful, so shall his love for you continue to grow as long as his heart beats. With me he sends to you a loving embrace and a long, passionate kiss. It pains him to not give me to you himself. You are always on his mind and in his heart. Someday things will be as they should. You lighten his burden with the sound of your voice, the warmth of your laughter and your kindness. He sends me to remind you of him and his love for you. Never forget how important and life changing you are.
Happy Birthday Brooke
D.L. - Apo, AP