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Funny Love Messages

Fortunately, life and love aren't always high drama and tragic opera! Some of our best times are the lightest times, and we certainly had our share of smiles over these funny love messages. If you're in the mood to giggle today, these words will suit you just fine. If you're not, you might get that way in a few minutes...

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Our Favorite / Best Funny Love Messages!

I know I can be a beast sometimes baby, but you are always going to be my princess. And I'm going to love you till the day this rose wilts.

C.B. - Hensley, AR

Angel, there is nothing more I want in the world then to spend my life with you, to grow old and get wrinkles with you, to get fat and lazy with you, and to argue over why we have a gravy boat with you. No matter how far away I may be, or how hard things may get for us, always remember the simple fact that I do now, and always will, love you with all my heart.

J.S. - Millbrook, NY

You said you didn't like red roses, and this one don't need no damn water, lol.

N.K. - Virginia Beach, VA

Happy birthday, dear Diane. I think gold roses are pretty, but I thought I would change it up a little this year. They look very good on the website. Sherry just rushed off to work and she said not to forget her birthday on the 19th. I thought, "Oh my GOSH, it's Diane's birthday!"

Timely cards are no so great,
I hope you can appreciate
The discipline it took to wait
& send this birthday greeting late.

All my love to you and Joe...
From both of us and Rumples too.
(He is licking my leg until I stop this and let him outside,
the leg is getting a bit gooey now so I better go.)

B.F. & S.F. - Portsmouth, VA

My love, my light,
My star in the night,
Our future so promising,
So lovely and bright,
This day I swear,
I promise I do,
The words upon you,
Shall forever ring true,
For the rest of our life,
And for all that comes after,
None shall ever match,
Our Love, or our Laughter.

N.C. - Poulsbo, WA

Ya probly gon' yell and call me a dumbass when all said n done, But since you weren't gettin any roses this year I thought I'd buy you one! Happy Valentine's Day with love...

N.U. - Pace, FL

You know how when it's a bit cold out, and the sun is shining on you, and your whole body gets warm and fuzzy, and you can do nothing but smile...ya maybe it's like that. :O) luvs

A.M. - Ben Lomond, CA

I remember the first time our eyes met, I thought to myself, "SHWINGY!" Every time we are together, I can hear the birds chirping and that old man in the park that keeps yelling, "WEENIE!!" I can feel in my heart that you are the NEENER for me, and that's FURSHNIZEL. ;-)

But seriously, thanks for being my best friend in the whole wide world...

W.B. - Naples, FL

Piglet: "It is so good that we have each other!"
*Winnie the Pooh is nodding*
Piglet: "Imagine this: I'm not here, you sit here all alone, no-one to talk to."
Pooh: "But where will you be?"
Piglet:"I don't exist"
"This just can't be" said Pooh.
"I also think so, but just imagine that I'm not here. You are, but you are all alone." said Piglet.
"Why are you torturing me?" said Pooh angrily.
"If you don't exist, then I don't exist either. Do you understand?"

K.M. - Sweden

I know I can be a beast sometimes baby, but you are always going to be my princess. And I'm going to love you till the day this rose wilts.

L.Z. - Pharr, TX

After Retirement Beer Night Becomes Every Night, Enjoy Your Life But Don't You Ever Forget About US!
With Love From Your Favorite People at NJM
Danielle, Michelle & Carol

C.B. - Hamilton, NJ


The day I met you I knew something was different about you, little did I know that I met the woman I was going to marry one day and grow old with. I look forward to a long life together and one day being old and grumpy together watching Bulls, Yankees, and Giants games together. I love you!

Love always,


M.C. - Colonia, NJ

We're all a little weird and life's a little weird, and when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness and call it love.

S.R. - Ardmore, PA

Some may call you a 5 star chick,but to me you're a Diva.Oh,and don't worry,you still deserve those 5 stars.But you deserve the title of 5 star Diva even more.So here is a rose to prove that you are above the rest.You're sexy,smart,and funny.All of those qualities turn me on.This is to let you know how much of a crush I've had on you.And I hope we get to know eachother more.

Your Secret Admirer,Tavieous

T.B. - Tulsa, OK

Congratulations on becoming what you have always dreamed of! You have finally became a teacher and I am so proud of you. I know that you will go on to become a fantastic molder of young minds. You can do anything you set your mind and heart too.

Love you forever and always,

A.R. - Jacksonville, FL

Babe i hope you really really really like this i put work in to get this setup. you are my rose and you only deserve the best.

A.A. - Pocomoke, MD

They say that Love is hard to describe, but if I tried... I think Ours could be a lot like this rose. Look at it. It's very Beautiful first of all; just like you are. It was created by the Lord God to glorify Him; just like we were. It may look fragile but if taken care of it will last forever just like Our Love will. This rose is very eye catching. Stick it in a room and it can't help but noticed by every one in the room. It started out as a small seed, then grew into an amazing blossom, which has been strengthened layer by layer until it was as hard as stone; impenetrable to things that would cause it decay. Yeah, I think Our Love will be just like this Rose; Beautiful, Glorifying, Endearing, So amazing it will be impossible for people to understand how perfect we are for each other, and Always growing and getting stronger as we learn together and mature in Christ Jesus OUR Lord.
I LOVE YOU Jessica, Happy 3 year Anniversary!

B.R. - Gilmer, TX

To: Dawn, Roses are red, violets are blue,heres a special rose,Made just for you. Your so very special, in every way,just wanted to say i love you, on this very special day.

Happy Birthday, Your: countryboy

B.S. - Wallace, WV

Many things in life don't last. This rose isn't one of them. And neither is our love. I love you, my lil wonton :)

R.D. - Frisco, TX

A rose is the most gentle and beautiful thing.
It is meant to be cherished and loved.
With true love, a rose will flourish and bloom.
It will grow with you and love you in return.
A rose will forever remain in your heart.
Eventually you will forget that love.
You forget to care for your rose.
A rose is fragile.
Without your love it will wilt.
Without love a rose will die.
Its soft petals will slowly fall one by one.
When a rose dies it is tragic.
It is a time of sorrow and loneliness.
Time moves on, and it hurts less and less.
The memories you made will fade and disappear.
One day however,
you will realize that a small petal was left behind.
You find the petal,
and you remember the love that you had.
You show the petal the love it needed,
and it grows into a rose more beautiful than before.
You cherish it and care for it.
You realize how precious it is.
The love you once had now remains forever,
and you will never forget, and never let go.
(You will always be my rose
and I will love you FOREVER)

K.B. - Springfiled Gardens, NY

C.B. - Hamilton, NJ

This has been yet another GREAT year together. Time sure does fly when your having fun! HAPPY 3 YEARS!


J.S. - Marlton, NJ

Ni kar'tayli gar darasuum - I will hold you in my heart eternally. (Mandalorian)

I love you more than anything baby! Mery christmas to the most beautiful girl in the world! <3

D.B. - Jacksonville, FL

Hannah, I love you with all my heart. This is a real rose that has been preserved and trimmed with platinum. This rose represents my everlasting love for you. I hope this has been the best birthday and holiday season of your life, I know it has been for me. From the bottom of my heart, I love you. - Joey :-)

J.P. - Norristown, PA

Similar to my love for you, this rose will never fade, never die, never go away. I will always love you forever and ever. You have touched my heart in ways no one could ever do. Thank you for everything. Always Yours,

D.C. - Aliso Viejo, CA

My Destiny Dorea Such as the rose everything else is born, flourishes and fades away like "dust in the wind" Not us we are the exception Our Love will not die or fade away for it was preordained in the heavens that we may find each other on earth as this gold embraces this rose is how God holds us in his hands with him we are preserved forever but without him our rose is but a rose that will bloom and die as it never existed So I give you this eternal rose bud since our love is young and futhermore it has just started to bud I hope it's accepted in faith and hope that like this endless rose our love will last forever.

Benjamin J Chandler

B.C. - Shreveport, LA


Like the colors on this rose we will compliment each other, bringing out the best in each other. Like this rose our love will never fade.

Love Always & Forever

A.D. - Jackson, MO

My love, my light,
My star in the night,
Our future is so promising,
So lovely and bright,
This day I swear,
I promise I do,
The words upon you,
Will forever stay true,
For the rest of our life,
And for all that comes after,
None will ever match,
Our Love or our Laughter.

S.R. - Lima, OH