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1st Anniversary Gift Ideas

Our 1st anniversary gift ideas have been chosen with love. Our most creative gifts are our real, preserved roses. We also have roses displayed in shadow boxes that will make your 1st year anniversary one to remember. This important celebration is a time to express your love and give her something memorable and from the heart. If you are looking for 1st anniversary gifts for her or your friends, check out all of the wonderful options here at Love Is A Rose!

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5in. Mini Enchanted 24k Gold Rose
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11" 24k Gold Dipped Rose
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18" Real Rose Dipped in 24k Gold
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His and Her 8" 24k Gold Trim Roses
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24k Gold Trimmed His and Her Roses: 11"
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1st Anniversary Gift: 2 Gold Trim Roses & Museum Case
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Looking for a 1st Anniversary Gift for Her?

This is a list of 1st wedding anniversary ideas that relate to established gift themes in America. There are no rules when it comes to choosing a 1st anniversary gift for your loved one, but this list will help guide you through the process. You can mix and match ideas, colors and items to create a truly unique gift that will communicate your love and appreciation.

Traditional Gift: Paper

Paper has two specific traits that symbolize what a 1st wedding anniversary can mean to one another:

  • A "Blank Canvas": This signifies that even though you've shared the first year of marriage together, there is still plenty of "room" for the couple's future story to be written.
  • Paper is Easily Ripped: This is a reminder on a 1st anniversary that the couple has yet to face the many life hurdles that could easily add extra stress to the relationship. Paper therefore strengthens the importance of good communication, as well as faith and trust in one another.These are just some of the ingredients to a long lasting healthy relationship.

Modern Gift: Clocks

For Love, clocks represent a state to which time has no application. They symbolize an eternity of love.

Gemstone: Gold Jewelry

There is no associated 1st anniversary gemstone, but common gifts are gold jewelry.
Alternative Gemstone: Peridot or Pearl

Color: Gold or Yellow

  • Yellow conveys a feeling of warmth, and happiness. It is a symbol of joy, friendship, pride and success and is perfect for symbolizing and celebrating accomplishment, a new venture, new love or new beginnings (Maybe a 1st anniversary?? 😉).
  • Gold is associated with abundance, prosperity and well being. It also implies richness, extravagance, prestige, sophistication and elegance.

Flower: Carnation, Pansy, Orange Blossom or Substitute a Yellow or Gold Rose

  • Carnations symbolize young and passionate love.
  • Pansies are named after a French word that means remembrance or thought. In marriage, this signifies the consideration and thoughtfulness for one another.
  • Orange Blossoms represent purity, eternal love, innocence, fertility and fruitfulness.

Why choose a Yellow or Gold Rose for a First Anniversary?

We believe that our gold and yellow roses are the most unique gift for a 1st anniversary. Nine times out of ten, she has never seen one before but there are many more meaningful reasons as to why these roses are a perfect gift.

Symbolism: A Promise of Rich Forever Love

As stated above:

  • Yellow symbolizes happiness and new beginnings.
  • Gold also symbolizes well being and implies richness.
  • Roses express promise, hope, and also new beginnings.
  • Yellow Roses symbolize joy, protection against envious lovers, and a mature love.

Our Real Yellow Roses are preserved in a durable lacquer and trimmed in 24k gold, silver or platinum. We also have roses that are fully dipped and plated in yellow 24k gold. Both styles of these real roses are preserved to last a lifetime.

Show her that even though it's only the beginning, you promise a lifetime of the richest mature love and protection.

Personalize Your Gift: Imprint a Rose Petal, Engrave a Heart Charm or Add Birthstones

Almost all of our roses can be personalized in some way making them a truly unique 1st anniversary gift.

  • Mini Gold Roses: Walnut stands are included that can be personalized with an engraved gold heart.
  • Gold Trimmed Roses: Imprint your personalized message right on the petal and/or add and engraved heart charm!
  • Fully Gold Dipped Roses: Engrave your 1st anniversary message on a gold heart charm that hangs below the rose bloom.
  • Add Birthstones: Add faceted Swarovski birthstones to represent him and/or her. These can be added to the petal of any rose.

Choose a 1st Anniversary Gift Display: Vases, Museum Cases & Enchanted Domes

We pride ourselves in giving our customers several options to display their gifts. This gives the customer the ability to match their current decor or to make this 1st anniversary one that she will never forget. Again we have lots of personalized display options as well.

  • Walnut Stands: We have personalized walnut stands available for our mini roses, 8 inch roses, and our 11 inch roses.
  • Glass or Crystal Vases: We have a wide variety of vases both simple and elegant. Many have an optional engraved plate.
  • Walnut Shadow Boxes: A Love Is A Rose exclusive, and perfect 1st anniversary remembrance to display on your wall.
  • Museum Cases: These are great for displaying your gift and protecting it from dust. They can be personalized with engraved plates.
  • Enchanted Glass Domes: Reminiscent of Beauty and the Beast, these are an elegant way to protect and display your enchanted rose.

Create Your Own Rose for Your 1st Anniversary!

Browse all of our Real Preserved Rose categories below to create your own special gift if you want something even more special than the 1st anniversary gifts we have picked out above. Call 630-393-1111 or send and email to mail@loveisarose.com if you have questions or need assistance with creating your gift.

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