Two 1st Anniversary 11" Gold Trim Roses in Galaxy Vase

Two 1st Anniversary 11" Gold Trim Roses in Galaxy Vase

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  • Two 11" Real Roses Dipped in 24k Gold
  • Several Rose Colors are Available
  • 8" Galaxy Crystal Vase Included
  • Add a personalization to the roses for a complete & custom gift
  • A Perfect Anniversary Gift to Last Forever

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Add a personalized message to the petal of each rose
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Add a faceted Swarovski birthstone to each flower
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Add up to three personalized heart charms
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Product Details

Our very special Anniversary "Couples" package includes two 11" 24k gold trimmed roses set in an 8" "Galaxy" crystal bud vase. Each real rose is perserved forever in lacquer and trimmed in 24k gold. Add an imprinted message on one or both of the roses for a custom touch. She (or he) will love the perfect gift of everlasting gold roses for an anniversary, birthday, Valentine's Day, Christmas, or any occasion.

How Our Real Gold Roses Are Made

With over 50 steps in the process to create a single gold rose, we'll only share the most important steps. First and most importantly, we select the rose when it’s at its peak bloom. Then, it's preserved in lacquer and electro-plated with a secret formula mix that aides in preparing the real rose to become a gold trimmed rose. Next, they are reformed and adjusted until the newly preserved flowers are ready for the 24k gold finish. Layers of copper, nickel, and 24k gold are then electro-plated with 3-6 months of personal hand work to finish our gold roses. When they are done, however, they will last a lifetime, reflecting the love they are used to represent.

Personalize Your Gold Trimmed Rose

If you have selected a gold rose that already comes personalized, that's terrific! You're already one step ahead! If not, we highly suggest adding your personalized message of love to the rose petal, our beautiful heart charm, a rose stand, vase, or museum case and here's why. Real roses have always symbolized love and beauty; however, shortly after giving them, they wither and die. Our preserved and real 24k gold trimmed roses on the other hand, will last forever! Most people are already thoroughly impressed by that, but why not make this a truly meaningful and unforgettable gesture of love by adding your loving message to your gift? She, or he will cherish this beautiful gift for years to come and always remember the occasion the gold rose was gifted for. It's the perfect way to create a lasting remembrance for an anniversary, birthday, Christmas, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, or even just to remind that special person just how much you truly love them!

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