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The Ultimate Mother's Day Gift Guide

The Ultimate Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day is right around the corner, so it’s time to start thinking about gifts. Even though material things could never thank a mother for all that they do, it’s a small token of gratitude. The type of gift you choose depends on what your mom likes, so consider her interests. We put together the ultimate Mother’s Day gift guide, so read on for some suggestions.

Photo Album

Reading through the ultimate Mother’s Day gift guide is a great way to brainstorm a gift for your mom. Moms dedicate so much time and energy to their families. Family is important, so a photo album filled with family photos is a great gift option. One option is to buy a photo album where you slide the photos into each page. You could also take it a step further and make a scrapbook with stickers and colorful paper.

Start by collecting photos from years ago. This is a great opportunity to reminisce and reflect on good memories. Next, go through your recent photos, choose your favorites, and have them printed. It doesn’t cost much to have photos printed, so feel free to choose a variety. Mixing old photos with new photos is a fun way to see how the family has grown over time.


Jewelry is another gift option for Mother’s Day. Before you choose anything, consider which metal she prefers. Metal options include silver, gold, and rose gold. If you don’t know which metal she prefers, check some photos to investigate the one she wears most often. Or simply ask her. The type of jewelry you choose depends on what she wears. You could either do a bracelet, necklace, ring, or earrings. Buying a ring is a bit trickier, though, because you’ll need to know her exact ring size.

When you choose a piece of jewelry, consider what your mom likes. Does she like color? Does she like diamonds? Does she love items with inspirational quotes? Answering these questions helps narrow down the extensive options. You could choose jewelry with her birthstone in it, for example. You could also get her a charm bracelet with each of her children’s names on it. If she prefers colorful jewelry, consider a piece of jewelry with a gemstone. Custom or antique jewelry is also a great option if you’re looking for something unique.

Beauty Products

If your mom loves all things beauty, consider gifting her some beauty products. Rather than getting her items you know she loves, try giving her something that she wouldn’t pick out for herself. For example, consider gifting her a perfume slightly different from what she usually wears. You could also pick up some luxury beauty products. Who doesn’t love a fancy new product? Consider giving her a lipstick or blush from a luxury brand. Luxury makeup is a fun gift because it’s something many people don’t splurge on often, so it’s a great gift for a special occasion. Another great gift idea is a new set of makeup brushes. You can never have too many makeup brushes, and someone who loves makeup is sure to love such a gift.


For someone that loves to read, books are a great option. Plus, this is a great way to acknowledge her interests. Does she love romantic novels? Does she live for horror stories? You could also go with a cookbook if she loves to cook. There are so many options to choose from, you might need to go with more than one. If you want to switch it up, consider gifting her a genre different than what she usually reads.

If you and your mom share a love for reading, consider buying a book for you and her. You could start a mini book club and discuss the book as you read. You could do the book club on the phone or through video chat so it’s safe and convenient.

Spa Day

Moms are hardworking and very rarely do they take time for themselves. If you want to treat your mom to a day of self-care, treat her to a spa day. One way to do this is by buying her a gift card to her favorite spa. You could even make an appointment for her if you know her schedule.

You could also give her an at-home spa experience. Put together a gift basket with skincare products. This should include a cleanser, mask, toner, serum, moisturizer, and SPF. Travel-sized products work for this because you only need a small amount of each. This is a fun way for your mom to give herself an at-home facial. Plus, she can repurchase the products she loves. If you don’t know which products to buy, visit your local spa and ask an esthetician for recommendations.

Home Décor

Home décor is another option for a Mother’s Day gift. This is a fun one because you can do so much with it. For example, you could gift a new vase for flowers. Candles are also a great gift option because you can use them anywhere—in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, or office, for instance. Plus, there are various scent options, so you’re sure to find something she’ll like. You could also gift a high-quality blanket. Whether it’s a trendy throw or weighted blanket, she’s sure to love it.

Pictures are another home décor option to consider. You could have a few family photos developed and put them in nice frames, for example. You could also do this with photos from her favorite vacation or event. She could hang the frames up and make a gallery wall, or she could place the frames throughout the house. Pictures are a great way to remember good times, and they also add character to the home.

Real Preserved Rose

It’s common to gift flowers for Mother’s Day, but flowers don’t last forever. Rather than gifting something temporary, choose something everlasting. Consider gifting her a real preserved rose for Mother’s Day. At Love Is A Rose, you can purchase 24k in gold roses. You can also personalize the rose to make it that much more special. This gift is unique and sure to make your mom feel loved.

The Ultimate Mother's Day Gift Guide

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