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Your Personalized Family Tree with Engraved Family Names, Birth Dates, and Sparkling Birthstones

Engraved Personalized Family Tree Gift

Well the holiday season is in full gear!  We even have a radio station playing all Christmas music right now here in the Chicago area!  I love this time of year!  It’s a reminder to connect with family and friends, to be kinder to one another, and all the festivities and decorations are so fun!  […]

24k Gold Roses with Engraved “Selfies” for Personalized Gifts

Custom Photo Gift 24k Gold Rose in Engraved Stand

Check out our recent press release about our 24k Gold Roses with a Selfie engraved on hearts that hang from the Rose Buds. Click Here to read more. Sometimes words just aren’t enough to fully remember your favorite moments or even your favorite people. We began creating these roses with the intent of helping celebrate […]

Three Important Anniversaries

I Love You Rose

Three Important Anniversaries 10th Anniversary – Tin The ten year wedding anniversary is known as the tin anniversary. Traditionally the gift associated with each year would be made out of a specific metal. The modern gift is typically diamond. 25th Anniversary – Silver This is known as the silver anniversary, and both the traditional and […]

3 Ideas for Special Gifts for Your Partner

Champagne Bubble Bath

Romantic Dinner for Two: For a special night you and your partner will never forget, go out for a special dinner, just you two. Crack some champagne, and order some oysters, a natural aphrodisiac, for a fabulous time. Massage: Is your partner stressed out? Get them a luxurious massage to relax their aching muscles. Golden […]

Short I Love You Message for a Birthday

Purple Personalized 24k Gold Rose

A customer from Louisiana asked us to post this short I Love You love message for his wife’s birthday: “On this you’re special day, I wish you all the love,joy & happiness like you’ve brought into my life!! A Special Birthday Blessing To You My Soul Mate! I Love You Always & Forever!!! ” This short I […]