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Relationship Tip : Complaining or Celebrating?

Relationship Tip : Celebrate The Love Of Your Life

Relationship Tip: Ask yourself; Are You Complaining or Celebrating? Sometimes as the stresses of life kick in, and I notice that I begin seeing only what’s missing in my life or what I want that I don’t have. That also plays out in my relationships too. Sometimes I get upset because my husband is cutting […]

Relationship Tune-Up Tip : Do the Two-Step. Part 2

Duck and Cat Walking

Create Some Magic! If you have taken action on “Relationship Tune-Up Tip: Step 1”, you now should now have a clean slate and some room to be able to create some great things.  So here is Step 2: Acknowledgement.  Now that you’ve gotten rid of all that negative chatter in your head, you will be able […]

Relationship Tune-Up Tip : Do the Two-Step. Part 1

Duck and Cat Walking

Keeping Your Relationship Running Smoothly Takes Some Paying Attention  If you are looking to enhance your relationship, there are two things that you can do.  I try to do them regularly because they really work!  Here is Step One.  When I have these upsetting thoughts about my guy, the ones that linger and won’t go […]