Creative Anniversary Ideas

Stones in the shape of a heartRejuvenate Your Commitment with a Unique Gift

Anniversaries are wonderful examples of the powerful love that two people can share. And when that special day comes around, that love is best exemplified through a thoughtful, elegant gift. Here are some brilliant ideas.

Anniversary Paperweight

Remind your spouse of your love for them with a customized paperweight. When the glimmer of the weight’s diamond catches his or her eye at the office, work suddenly seems much more special.

Personalized Wine Stopper

An anniversary celebration would not be complete without uncorking a few bottles of wine. Adorned with your anniversary date, place a crystal wine stopper on her favorite vino – another one of the little ways to express unwavering affection.

Gold Trimmed Rose

Truly take his or her breath away with an irreplaceable preserved rose. Lined with 24 Karat gold, watch this item go from gift to heirloom, throughout the years – an eternal reminder of joy and devotion.

An anniversary is an extraordinary accomplishment, one that should be exemplified lavishly. We, at Love Is a Rose, provide beautiful gifts for these and other milestones at affordable prices.

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    December 8, 2014 at 1:05 pm

    Thank you so much for making the ordering purchasing and delivery of the Antique Rose Pin in Silver Cherish Box for me.
    I am sure my wife will be very pleased when I present it to her for our 25 wedding anniversary.
    Thanks again

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