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Dozen Multi-Colored Gold Rose Bouquet

Discover the Silent Message of Rose Colors

Out of all the flowers in the world, perhaps the rose has the richest history, especially in terms of its color meaning and symbolism. For centuries, roses have been used to convey messages without the use of words. Roses have a distinct beauty that sets it apart from all other flowers. Regardless of color, the recipient can surely appreciate receiving a silent message of affection.

You can get your message and emotion across in understanding what the colors of roses symbolize. This guide aims to help you select the perfect rose color that best delivers the message you want to convey.


Everybody knows that a red rose is a universal symbol of love. In most cases, red roses are given to symbolize romantic and enduring love. Many people even refer to a red rose as the lover’s rose. Giving red roses is a time honored way of expressing your genuine love towards another person, regardless of occasion.

It is worth to note that the number of red roses you give also influence their meaning.  A single red rose is akin to saying, “I love you.”  A bouquet of red roses, meanwhile, shows that the recipient is deeply loved.


The pink rose has an undeniable and timeless appeal. It is one of the most versatile rose colors, as it can signify a number of different meanings primarily depending on its hue. The pink rose is a classic symbol of elegance and grace. It is usually given to show appreciation or admiration towards another person. A deep pink shows gratitude, while pale hues convey happiness and gentleness.


For many years, white roses have been linked to new beginnings and marriages. Sometimes called the bridal rose, this color is often given to couples celebrating young love. And since white is a universal symbol of purity, honesty, and peace, the white rose can also be given on occasions that call for reverence. It is an excellent way of communicating, “You are in my thoughts.”


This color exudes a different kind of energy. It has a wilder and bolder vibe compared to other colors, which makes it a perfect way of showcasing your passion or enthusiasm. Giving an orange rose delivers your message with added fervor while maintaining a healthy does of elegance. These fiery blooms can also be given to express your undeniable attraction to another person.


The yellow rose conveys such a positive, uplifting feeling! These sun-filled blossoms connote warmth, affection, and represent friendship. Yellow roses can light up any room, making them an excellent choice to express your gratitude, extend congratulations, or say be well.


A purple rose has a distinctly mystical appeal.  It symbolizes enchantment and treading forward carefully. This is the perfect choice if you want to deliver a message of love at first sight. The rarity of this color can also help you stand out.

Multi-Colored Roses

You can convey your message more accurately by mixing multiple colors of roses. This can be a little tricky, so it is best to have a thorough understanding of the meaning of the different rose colors. The safest way to do this is to mix red roses with another color. For example, combining red and yellow roses connote extreme happiness, while red and white roses represent unity.


It is important to remember that each color has its own special significance. Even if the mere gesture of sending roses can already be appreciated by the recipient, you can get your message across more effectively by choosing the perfect rose color.

Contributed by Jonathan Leger, Member of the Garden Writer’s Association. Jonathan runs a website dedicated to the history, education and care of roses at

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