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Gifts That Honor a Lost Loved One

Gifts That Honor a Lost Loved One

Losing a loved one is a difficult and often life-altering experience. There are many ways to honor a loved one who’s passed, including memorial services and commemorative gifts. A commemorative gift is a great way to keep someone’s memory alive. Here are a few gifts that honor a lost loved one.

Memorial Stone

When deciding on gifts that honor a lost loved one, it’s important to choose something that has longevity. A memorial stone is sure to last, so it’s a great option to consider. Memorial stones often have touching quotes engraved on their surface. You can also personalize a memorial stone with your loved one’s name. The nice thing about this commemorative gift is that you can place it in nature. Spending time outside is healing for many people, so seeing it in a natural environment might bring them peace. It’s also common to plant a tree or memorial garden when someone passes, so a memorial stone would be a nice addition to those tributes.

Photo Album

A photo album is another example of a thoughtful commemorative gift. Include photos from the individual’s childhood and adult life. The photos can also include pictures of their family, friends, and pets. It’s important to capture the individual’s character. What was their favorite thing to do? Where was their favorite place to visit or food to eat? Including these things in the photo album aid in remembering the person for who they were. You can also include handwritten letters in the photo album. There aren’t any rules when it comes to what can go into the photo album, so feel free to get creative.

Personalized Rose

Flowers are commonly gifted to people who experience loss. Rather than gifting flowers that wilt in days, consider gifting a memorial rose. Unlike regular roses, a memorial rose will last a lifetime. At Love Is A Rose, we offer personalized roses. We offer real roses dipped in 24k gold, silver, or platinum. You can personalize the rose with your lost loved one’s name or with a personalized message. You can also add a charm with your loved one’s photo on it. If you’re looking for a lasting way to honor your lost loved one, we are here to help.

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