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Heartfelt Wedding Day Love Message

We have been getting a lot of these lately. ‘Tis the season! Here is another love message from a customer in Florida, to his bride to be on their wedding day.

I’m excited to become your husband today! I couldn’t have asked God for a better girl to spend the rest of my life. We will have our ups and downs but all that matters is you’re the person I’m facing every moment alongside. Here’s an expression of my love for you to reflect back upon for years to come. This is only just the beginning of me showing you how much I care for you. I love you babe, so very much! I can finally call you Mrs. File!
-Your PJF”

It’s simple gestures and heartfelt words like these that will make the most important day of her life that much more special. Especially when accompanied with our Burgundy¬†Gold Rose.

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