I Love You Message For Her

Here is a longer love message from a customer in Indiana, to his wife:

“Just like our love this rose is preserved forever. I knew from the very beginning that you were the one I wanted to spend my entire life with. You make me complete. Like the very first rose I gave you when we first met, this rose is a representation of love. This rose symbolizes my love for you and my gratitude for having such an astonishing woman who I can now call my wife. Look at this rose for guidance through bumpy patches in the road that we might encounter and just know what this rose represents. I love you with all my heart and I cannot wait to see what this life has to hold for us together as Mr. & Mrs. M. ”

This heartfelt I love you message for her accompanied with our classic Wedding or Anniversary Gold Trimmed Rose, is sure to be remembered for her lifetime. Especially since this rose is made to last a lifetime. This customer chose the anniversary white petal color .

(The Picture Below Is A Representation for Customer Confidentiality)

24k Gold Wedding Anniversary Rose Gift
24k Gold Wedding Anniversary Rose

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