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Simple Ways to Express Your Love for Your Wife

Simple Ways to Express Your Love for Your Wife

Your wife is one of the most important people in your life. You love her and you want to show it! Lucky for you, there are dozens of simple ways to express your love for your wife. Here are just a few to try out.

Spend Quality Time Together

In the mundaneness of day to day life, it can be easy to drift apart from your wife without realizing it. Counteract this by setting aside special time to spend together. Ask her questions intentionally, dream about your future together, and get to know her better as a person.

Give Her Affirmations

Speaking life-giving affirmations over your wife is one of the simplest ways to encourage and love her—it is just a few words, but they go a long way! Notice and call out the things you love about her. Try taking it up a notch by publicly affirming her in front of her friends and family.

Plan an Elaborate Date

Your wife wants to feel pursued, so set up a fun date where you really pay attention to the details. Don’t just make a reservation—think about transportation and conversation, too. If you want to really surprise her, plan a spontaneous weekend getaway where she doesn’t have to worry about anything other than going along for the ride.

Return to a Sentimental Place

Think back to your early days of dating or early years of marriage. Find and plan an outing to one of your favorite spots or the site of your first kiss. If you can’t make it to any of those places, take the time to remember those beautiful memories and places together in your minds—or better yet, try to recreate a sentimental place or scenario for her.

Do Acts of Service

Acts of Service is a love language for a reason—performing tasks for your wife is sure to bring her much-deserved relief. Ask her, “What can I help you with today?” Take a few things off her plate around the house. Give her a massage or take the kids out for a day trip so she can have some alone time. Regardless of what you do for your wife, she is certain to appreciate your assistance.

Give Her a Gift

It is never a bad idea to give your wife a gift, especially one that is thoughtful and reflects your relationship. Try finding personalized gifts or items in her favorite color. You can never go wrong with flowers either, whether you grab picked flowers at the store or a long-lasting piece like our real enchanted rose.

Remember, no matter what you choose to do, it is important that it truly comes from your heart. Over time, you may get stuck in a pattern of how you love her. But switch it up! There are so many simple ways to express your love for your wife that can help you to win her heart all over again.

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