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The Best Ways to Display Your Family Tree

Family members play such an important role in our lives. Getting to know even more about each member’s personality and even their genetic traits can help us better understand ourselves and other family members. A great way to learn about your family’s history is to create a family tree. Here are some of the best ways to display your family tree.

Create a Photo Collage

Looking at old photos can be fun. They bring back fond memories. You can reminisce with family members, which might bring you closer together. If you have a child, they might be interested in your past, so showing them old photos might help explain your childhood. Displaying a poster board including your family members’ birth, death, life highlights, and pictures can remind you and your children about where you came from. You can even share the collage with loved ones over social media platforms.

Color a Family Tree

If you and your extended family have an opportunity to get together, coloring a family tree together could be fun. Members from every generation can add something that will teach the other generations something funny or educational. Every month, one part of a family could display the tree in their living room. If your family loves online photos, you could share a picture of the family tree through social media. It can be a lovely picture to use as the background on your cell phone.

Use a Family Tree Builder Website

If you’re not a fan of crafting family trees, you could use an online family tree builder. Many of these websites have free templates. Some websites charge a small fee if you want to get more in-depth. You can upload photos and type important information under them. Since you can even choose the font and color of the text, you won’t have to worry about creating a family tree that’s hard to read. If you don’t have all the information you need, you can easily share your tree with other family members online so that they can fill in the blanks for you. Creating a family tree online is a wonderful way to connect with long-distance relatives.

Buy a Personalized Family Tree

To save time and effort, consider buying a personalized family tree. You can choose from several different tree colors and styles at Love Is a Rose. We offer family trees on plaques and as stands that you can display on a table or desk. Your family members’ sparkling birthstones are set underneath their names and birth dates, which are engraved on magnetic discs and hearts in golden bronze or silver. You can then display your beautiful personalized tree in your living room for your friends and family to enjoy for many years to come.

Now that you know the best ways to display your family tree, spread the love to the rest of your family members. Enjoy learning about different pieces of your past!

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