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Traditional Anniversary Gifts by Year

Traditional Anniversary Gifts by Year

Whether you are celebrating your first or hundredth anniversary, they are precious because they represent years of memories with your love. You want to give your sweetheart something that will remain special for years to come. If he or she likes traditional gifts, there are many romantic and clever gift ideas you can use. Here are some traditional anniversary gifts by year.

Anniversary Year 1: Paper gifts

Your first-year anniversary is a big deal. Traditionally, paper gifts are sacred during this year. Paper might sound simple and cheap, but there are many precious gifts you can give to your honey. Here are a few examples.

Heart-felt card

There is nothing more heart-warming than a thoughtful card. While you can buy a card with a sweet message anywhere, nothing can replace your own true words. If you want to get creative, draw a picture of you and your love on the front of the card. On the inside, write a message that clearly describes your feelings. Here are some things you can write about:

  • Your favorite memories together
  • How you felt during the first kiss
  • What you have learned from your love
  • What you deeply admire about your love

Those are just a few examples of topics to write about. Your message does not have to be long. Just make sure that the words are from your own heart.

Stationery kit

If your significant other enjoys writing, a stationary kit would make the perfect gift. You can buy a stationary kit or make your own. Here are some ways to make one by yourself. Start by finding a reusable box big enough for a durable journal and pens. Then buy a lovely journal and pens of your love’s favorite colors. Wrap the kit with romantic-looking wrapping paper. If you really want to make your love swoon, write a message or a few journal topic ideas on the first page.

Paper model of where you first met

Let your love shine through a creative gift. This might not sound quite as romantic as the ideas previously mentioned, but it is a fun way to remember and celebrate the first day you met your other half. When you think about it, this day was significant for both of you because it brought you to where you are today.

Anniversary Year 2: Cotton

You might be wondering what on Earth you can do with cotton. Like paper, this does not sound like a romantic gift. But cotton can be used for many things. Here are a few gift ideas.

Customized shirts

Everyone loves getting new clothes. Your significant other is no exception. Instead of picking out something random at the store, customize the clothing. A romantic way to show your love is to put a thoughtful message on the front. If your significant other enjoys music or reading, include a few of his or her favorite quotes. Choose a font that you think fits your sweetheart’s preference. Include a graphic that represents his or her interests.

Customized pillow

Like a customized shirt, you can customize a pillow. On the pillow, you can include the words, “I love you” with a heart graphic. If your other half prefers something funny instead of romantic, you can include a joke on the pillow. It would be even better to include an inside joke.

Anniversary Year 3: Leather

By your third anniversary, you and your honey have gone through a lot together. The traditional gift for a three-year anniversary is leather. There are many gifts you can buy or make out of leather. Here are a few ideas.

Leather jacket

A leather jacket looks good on everybody. Plus, its fantastic durability means that it will last a long time. If your love has been looking for a jacket for a while, a leather jacket would be a perfect gift.

Purse or wallet

Wallets and purses make very nice gifts, especially when they are much needed. If you are looking for a new purse, think about how often your significant other uses it and how much is usually in it. Women often need bigger purses. Since wallets are gender-neutral, both men and women will appreciate them. A way to make a purse or wallet a romantic gift is to put a card inside of it. You can also put a picture of the two of you in the outside pocket.

Leather Watch

People often use their phones to keep track of the time. However, everyone forgets their phone sometimes. That is why leather watches are useful. If your loved one has any other leather material, look at the brand and color. This will give you an idea about the perfect watch band.

Anniversary Year 4: Silk

Silk is known to be a very sensual fabric, which is ideal for many couples during Valentine’s Day and anniversaries. Here are a few ways to use silk for gifts.


If your sweetie loves fashionable scarves, think about his or her favorite outfits. Pick out a silk scarf that will match the outfit. If you are still unsure about a color, a red or black scarf will be fantastic. If you know how to sew, you can also make a scarf. To really make your love melt, include a design that symbolizes your love. You can also find a design that symbolizes your loved one’s interests.


Just like your relationship or marriage is not complete without two people, a suit is not complete without a tie. There are many interesting designs and colors. Buy a tie that fits your honey’s wardrobe and the general color theme of suits. Or choose a silly design based on an inside joke.


Although this is one of the most cliché gift ideas, people need underwear. Silk underwear is intimate and romantic. It feels quite nice. If your loved one needs underwear, buy a few pairs. Silk underwear comes in different styles for men and women.

Those are just some traditional anniversary gifts by year. If you are being extra careful to get your sweetie the perfect gift, check out our wide selection of personalized anniversary gifts.

Anniversary Gifts by Year

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