US Army Soldier Sends Real Gold Roses To Remind Wife of His Love

Today we received a special order from a soldier in the US Army with some special instructions for his beautiful real rose preserved forever in 24k gold.

“I was hoping that you could place the “2014” below the rest of the message on the petal… that would be preferable… I’m a soldier in the US Army and every time I deploy, I get my wife one of your roses to remind her that I’m always with her, regardless of how far away I am.
Thanks, and God Bless!”

This here is proof of what our 24k gold dipped roses can truly mean to someone. They symbolize your love just as a fresh flower would, except they will last forever and forever love is just what she wants to feel from her man. Especially when he is so far away.

Also here was his response to our email when we asked for his permission to share this beautiful rose.

“By all means, please feel free to share the story on your blog.  While I have been deployed previously I have made mention to some of my comrades-in-arms of these beautiful sentiments, and we even sent a gold rose to my mother last year while she was battling cancer that read “Battle Axe” to remind her to never quit!  At any rate, thank you for the intel on my order, I appreciate your expeditious reply, and the excellence of your craftsmanship.  Thank you from the deepest available level of my heart, and God Bless.”

Thank you for serving our country soldier. We wish you the best and safest journey!


Gold Trimmed Peach Rose

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