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Where the Tradition of Giving Flowers Came From

Where the Tradition of Giving Flowers Came From

The most important part of every gift is the meaning behind it. Whether you give a sentimental, thoughtful, creative, or gag gift, you intend to communicate a certain message. Flowers are one particular gift that evokes a specific set of emotions and tells a story. This is where the tradition of giving flowers came from.

Ancient Civilizations

Most of us can agree that flowers are some of the most captivating naturally occurring things in the world. The ancient people recognized this and often gave flowers to each other as gifts. Beginning with the Greeks and Egyptians, people gave flowers as gifts to lovers and deities alike due to the blossoms’ colorful beauty. As the centuries passed, the flower-giving tradition never faded, and it is now one of the longest-lasting gift ideas ever.

Modern Presence

In the modern era, people give flowers for all kinds of reasons. Romantic expressions of love, house-warming gifts in response to hospitality, and care-giving signs of wellbeing all serve as a purpose to give a few stems. Today, the flower industry has grown so large that there is a myriad of flower businesses across the world. Many grocers even have a dedicated floral department!

Annual Usage

Throughout the year, people give flowers to one another on all sorts of occasions. Flowers are a staple gift on Valentine’s Day, Christmas, and even New Year’s. People also give flowers for more formal events, such as weddings and funerals, as a way to honor the beauty of the people involved. Flowers have become so central to the culture of gift-giving that people even send flower-like gifts such as food-based bouquets and petal-shaped soaps. Wedding anniversaries are one of the most important times of year to give flowers to your partner. Check out our silver wedding anniversary gifts made of dipped and preserved roses that will stun your spouse, reminding them of your love together.

Learn more about where the tradition of giving flowers came from and consider giving them as a gift to someone this year! If you have any questions about our flowers at Love Is A Rose, give us a call today.

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