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Gold Rose In Museum Case

Who says Halloween can’t be for surprises?

Personalized Gift For Her

Trick or treat? How about a little of both? Maybe you and your lady are headed to a costume party…Or maybe you’re simply staying in for the evening with a bowl of popcorn and a slate of scary movies on queue. No matter what you do, you can always make this spooky holiday an occasion for a little surprise from you to your significant other.

Real Roses

Giving a gift when it is least expected is a magical thing, to say the least. Your significant other is expecting it at Christmas, her birthday, your anniversary, and of course Valentine’s Day. But Halloween? Why not?! The intention to make them happy is embodied in the giving of the gift, and your expression of gratitude will surely not go unnoticed.

Gold Dipped Flowers

A gold trimmed rose encased in a box of glass is perfect for such an occasion. Not only does it symbolize your deep feelings, but it can double as a prop! Beauty and the Beast, anyone? Or set it on the mantelpiece of your haunted house as a chilling, disarming prop. The best part? Your better half will never see it coming.

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