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In 1966, Sid Fey began designing jewelry and consumer products that revolved around families, love, and relationships. So, we welcome you to our blog that features all types of content related to your relationships, and celebrate those special occasions that create special memories. We post all sorts of relationship tips, love messages, love stories and more.

Give Her a Real Enchanted Rose

Didn’t you love the new live action “Beauty and the Beast” movie? Why not celebrate your love by giving her a real enchanted rose to last a lifetime? Enchanted Rose Collectibles Whether you want an enchanted rose similar to the one you love and remember from the movie,  or you want to get a special, gold-dipped version,  we have plenty of different types for you to collect. All of these styles can be personalized in… READ MORE

Have a Beautiful Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Roses

“Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order, confusion to clarity. It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend.” – Melody Beatie We Are Grateful At this special time of year we are counting the things we are grateful for and we are reminded of everyone who has helped us… READ MORE

Your Personalized Family Tree with Engraved Family Names, Birth Dates, and Sparkling Birthstones

Engraved Personalized Family Tree Gift

Well the holiday season is in full gear!  We even have a radio station playing all Christmas music right now here in the Chicago area!  I love this time of year!  It’s a reminder to connect with family and friends, to be kinder to one another, and all the festivities and decorations are so fun!  From now through Christmas, we’ll be sending you gift ideas to assist with your gift giving. Here is a really… READ MORE

24k Gold Dipped Roses to Light Up Her World

Personalized Gold Dipped Rose

Keep Your Light Shining Last night a screen saver popped up on my computer.  It was this beautiful picture of luminaries lit in the night.  Each one casting a warm glow, lighting a path.  That got me thinking.  What if each of us were a luminary of sorts, lighting up a path for others.  Taking the time to stop and listen to someone who is troubled.  Giving a break to someone in traffic.  Letting a… READ MORE

The Hillary Clinton 24k Gold Rose

24k Gold Rose Rose Hillary Clinton

Certain events in life are really important. An engagement, holiday, wedding, special anniversary, graduation, or a new baby is born. These are the times we look to memorialize. We want to create something that causes us, and everyone else, to remember. At Love Is A Rose we love sharing in your life’s special moments! You will find many ways to personalize some wonderful gifts that will help you to celebrate your special occasions. If you… READ MORE

Discover the Silent Message of Rose Colors


Out of all the flowers in the world, perhaps the rose has the richest history, especially in terms of its color meaning and symbolism.  For centuries, roses have been used to convey messages without the use of words.  Roses have a distinct beauty that sets it apart from all other flowers.  Regardless of color, the recipient can surely appreciate receiving a silent message of affection. You can get your message and emotion across in understanding… READ MORE

Spring Reboot. What Are You Creating?

The Pope Francis 24K Gold Rose

Happy Spring!  I love this time of year!  Everything is awakening, coming alive!  It is a great time to create.  You know all those things you wanted to accomplish that you declared on New Year’s Eve?  All those resolutions?  Maybe you hit your target on a lot of them, and maybe not on some.  Well, this is a new opportunity to take them on, particularly in the arena of relationships.  It is a great time… READ MORE

An Inspiring 59th Anniversary Message of Love

Two 24k Gold Dipped Roses in a Crystal Vase

A Recent Customer Ordered 2 Gold Dipped Roses in a crystal vase for a 59th Anniversary Gift and he sent along this very inspiring message of love. “When life puts a mountain in our path I sometimes get a little tired and weak from climbing, but then here comes my Sunshine with her beautiful smile and takes my hand and says ‘just one more step and we go climbing together’. Here on our 59th anniversary… READ MORE

Love Can’t Wait

Gold Dipped Rose

Love the People in Your Life Today! As I moved about my day last Wednesday while working from home, I noticed how much I was in the “accomplishment mode.”  You know, get that done, accomplish this, get that off my list.  Then the doorbell rang.  It was our neighbor’s son.  With sadness and tears in his eyes, he told me that his mom passed away the day before.  I gave him a hug of caring… READ MORE

A Real 24k Gold Rose was a Great Gift For His Girlfriend

24k Gold Rose is a Great Gift For a Girlfriend

Tuesday we received another email from a customer in Shelby, Michigan who ordered a real 24k Gold Rose from our website as a gift for his girlfriend. He ordered a Red and Cream gold trimmed rose with a personalized message imprinted on the petal. On the petal he wrote “I Love You 10-26-11”. Here is what he had to say: “Dear Love Is a Rose staff, Thank you so much for the beautiful rose I ordered from you previously. Everything was beyond… READ MORE