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How To Gather Information for a Genealogy

How To Gather Information for a Genealogy

The memories we share with our families weave the fabric of relationships and close connections. Yet, these bonds only pertain to the people we interact with today. How do you acquaint yourself with your ancestors and the people in your family’s past? In order to sort out these answers, here is how to gather information for a genealogy.

Begin With Your Relatives

The largest goldmine of information and future leads is your current family. Your living relatives can tell you a lot about the people in your family’s past. Between the grandparents they lived around and the stories they heard growing up, everyone in your family will have another piece of the puzzle. Reach out to your oldest relatives first and see what they know. Don’t forget to bring along a pen and notepad to jot down information.

Search Online Resources

After consulting with your family, turn to other sources for information. At this point, you should have a solid framework of people, important events, and interesting stories you can investigate online. Dig deeply into ancestry websites and historical archives; they’ll most likely have what you want to find. Search generally and locally to find histories about your family’s migrations and local roots.

Keep Everything Together

Keep all your records, writings, and research in one place. In your research, you’ll probably use many online resources. However, you’ll also need a physical place reserved for any printouts, books, or historical records you accumulate. When you keep everything in a centralized location, it’ll be easier to reference and use when you compile your genealogy. In fact, this organization is critical if you want to create a family history book or a personalized family tree.

Once you know how to gather information for a genealogy, you can begin your investigation immediately. If you need help putting together a family tree, reach out to our team at Love Is A Rose to find the perfect solution.

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