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Creative Ways To Reuse Decorative Vases

Creative Ways To Reuse Decorative Vases

Flowers are a fun gift to receive, but you must put them in the right container. Vases are beautiful pieces you can display with or without flora. When your fresh flowers begin to die, you must find a way to repurpose your beautiful vase. Here are a few creative ways to reuse decorative vases after the flowers are gone.

Functional Uses

There are two main ways you can set about repurposing your vases: functional and decorative uses. Decorative pieces such as crystal and glass vases are beautiful but are also aptly shaped containers you can place other items in for a nice flair.

Desk Organizer

Your desk must suit several purposes at once. While you need to maximize productivity and organization in your space, you also want your desk to reflect your personality. Reuse your decorative vase as a desk organizer to stash pens, scissors, mini staplers, and more!

Silverware Jar

Your silverware may reside in a drawer, but that doesn’t show off their beauty. With the help of a vase, you can arrange your silverware on display at your table where people can easily grab the utensil of their choice. Whether you host a small meal or use it as a mainstay decoration, try repurposing your vase as a jar for silverware.

Piggy Bank

You’re never too old to have a piggy bank. There are always new or fun things to save up for such as concert tickets or money for a big trip. Utilize a new or unused vase to save up for yourself. Whether you fill it with coins or cash, it’ll be a fun and functional piece.

Decorative Uses

Vases are perfect for decorative uses as well as functional ones. Here are a few ways to decorate with extra vases.

Candle Holder

Depending on the shape of your vase and the size of your candle, you can convert your vase into a decorative candle holder. If your vase is transparent, placing colorful candles in them. If you have a painted vase, look for candles that burn high to maximize the flame length and light pouring through the artwork.

Subtle Lamp

Empty vases are the perfect place to add a few fairy lights and make an accent piece, especially for winter. Though your converted vase will not cast light as far as a full-strength lamp, it will add a nice mood and subtle lighting to your room.

Collection Display

If you’re a collector, you must reuse your vase as a collection display. Whether you’re a dedicated numismatist or a simple marble collector, you can put your proud possessions out there for all to see.

Use these creative ways to reuse decorative vases the next time your flowers dry up. If you’re looking for vases or flowers like rose gifts to put in them, check out our selection at Love Is A Rose today!

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