The Hillary Clinton 24k Gold Rose

Certain events in life are really important. An engagement, holiday, wedding, special anniversary, graduation, or a new baby is born. These are the times we look to memorialize. We want to create something that causes us, and everyone else, to remember. At Love Is A Rose we love sharing in your life’s special moments! You will find many ways to personalize some wonderful gifts that will help you to celebrate your special occasions. If you have someone you wish to honor, there are several gifts that will hold their picture in addition to personalizing it with your loving words. These are gifts that will be cherished and remembered.

With the presidential elections coming up, we created a rose to honor Hilary Clinton. She really has served so many people and accomplished so much. We have a news release to share with you here that tells the story.

A Real, Preserved 24K Gold Rose Honors Hilary Clinton

If you have a candidate that is important to you, send us their picture and we can create a rose for you.

24k Gold Rose Rose Hillary Clinton

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