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24k Gold Rose in Glass Dome with Bears

A Personalized Gold Rose with Two Short and Sweet Love Messages

Here are two short and sweet love messages from a customer who clearly loves his wife and knows how to say it and show it:

“You are my light, When it gets dark” This short love message was split into to imprints on a beautiful personalized gold rose in a glass dome pictured below.

“I Love You To The Moon & Back ❤ ” This sweet love message was printed out on our beautiful floral paper as a free message card that was included with this beautiful gold rose gift package.

These short and sweet love messages might not be not be a novel proclaiming this customers love for his wife, but it embodies exactly what our roses are symbolic of. Everlasting Love. This message was paired with a personalized gold rose that also has an engraved heart charm. This gold rose has a natural dark blue petal color and it is set in a vase and protected by a beautiful glass dome. The customer also opted to add two birthstones, a birthstone bear, birthstone earring and our I Love You bear. There is no doubt in our minds that she was blown away with this heartfelt anniversary gift paired with these beautiful heartfelt love messages.

Personalized 24k Gold Rose in Glass Dome

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