A Personalized Platinum Rose Mother’s Day Gift & Message

Here’s a lovely family love message from a customer to his mother for Mother’s Day:

“Mom, you have amazed me in Every way.  You are the best mom ever.  The way you have dealt with everything from pregnancy to birth to motherhood has utterly amazed me.  I didn’t think I could love you more but you have proved me wrong.  You ARE MY HERO.  I love you with all my heart and soul.  Love, your Eddy Bear.” 

This a perfect example of what every mother deserves to hear from their children. They work so hard to make sure we are happy and successful in life so it’s always good to remind them that we really appreciate them, especially on Mother’s Day. This message was paired with a personalized platinum rose that also has an engraved heart charm. This gold rose has a natural purple petal color and the customer also opted to add a birthstone. This customer is probably going to have to give this gift with tissue, as this Mother’s Day gift paired with this heartfelt message, is bound to draw a few tears. The kind that feel good of course! Find more beautiful Personalized Mother’s Day Gifts to last a life time at our site www.LoveIsARose.com

Personalized Platinum Rose Mother's Day Gift
An 11 Inch Personalized Platinum Rose Mother’s Day Gift

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