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Gold Dipped Roses in Vase with Mini Rose

An Inspiring 59th Anniversary Message of Love

A Recent Customer Ordered 2 Gold Dipped Roses in a crystal vase for a 59th Anniversary Gift and he sent along this very inspiring message of love.

“When life puts a mountain in our path I sometimes get a little tired and weak from climbing, but then here comes my Sunshine with her beautiful smile and takes my hand and says ‘just one more step and we go climbing together’. Here on our 59th anniversary I am grateful to have Sunshine by my side. I love You”

Wow what a powerful message! With so many complications that life can throw our way it is essential to have people in our lives who inspire us to keep pushing forward. It is even more powerful when someone who loves you extends their hand to help you through the bad. If you have a wife, husband, lover, friend or family member who is down on their luck, extend your hand and inspire them with love and care.

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