Love Can’t Wait

Love the People in Your Life Today!

As I moved about my day last Wednesday while working from home, I noticed how much I was in the “accomplishment mode.”  You know, get that done, accomplish this, get that off my list.  Then the doorbell rang.  It was our neighbor’s son.  With sadness and tears in his eyes, he told me that his mom passed away the day before.  I gave him a hug of caring and listened to him.  After he left, all I could think about was letting all the people I care about know that I loved them.  So, I stopped and took time to call my friend, write a note of appreciation to another, call my daughters, and send a surprise email to my husband telling him I loved him. What I was really present to is …..Love Can’t Wait.

Valentine’s Day will be here next week.  It is a real opportunity and reminder to let all the people in your life know that you care and that you appreciate them.  With a note, a phone call, or a special gift.  These are things we should be mindful of all year long. Valentine’s Day is another wonderful wake-up call.

Gold Dipped Rose
A real rose preserved and dipped in 24kt gold with personalized Heart Charm.

And if you are looking for a special gift, we are here to help you create memorable moments to celebrate all the people you love.  You never know how much your caring will touch their hearts.  A customer in Iowa touched his fiancee Hannah’s heart when he created the gift pictured above.  A real rose dipped in 24k gold with an engraved Heart Charm.  Hannah sent us a note:  “Your roses are amazing and one of the most breath taking beauties I’ve ever seen.  My fiancee got me a rose along with something he had said to me on our first date.  It was so touching I cried.  The gift he had gotten for our love has made our relationship even stronger to know that he cared that much.  Every time I look at that rose I can’t but fall in love with him all over again.”

We don’t just create roses.  We create special, memorable moments for lovers, families, and friends.  For moments when you are apart, when you celebrate anniversaries, when you propose, when you need a birthday gift or holiday present, and…..when it’s Valentine’s Day!!  Because….Love Can’t Wait.

Kathy Fey


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