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The Most Unique Anniversary Gift Ideas

The Most Unique Anniversary Gift Ideas

When it comes to you and your partner, you want to honor and memorialize the years you’ve spent together. Whether you are celebrating your first, tenth, or even fiftieth anniversary, there is a special gift to give. These are a few of the most unique anniversary gift ideas.

Pushpin Map

A pushpin map is a map of the world laid out flat like a poster. When you travel with your partner to a new place, put a pin in that location to represent where you have been together. This meaningful gift works well both early on in your marriage and later on in your relationship. If you choose to give it earlier on, it will signify the years of travel and adventure ahead of you. If you decide to gift it to them later, it will allow you to place pins for all the places you have already been to. Also, think about the pushpins themselves and consider devising a color-coded system to show where you have been and where you hope to go in the future.

Engraved Family Tree

Depending on the anniversary you are celebrating, you may be in the stage of life where you have spent a few decades with your partner. At this point, you may have a few kids and grandkids. One way to share your love for your spouse and your love of your family is to give them an engraved family tree like the ones we craft here at Love Is A Rose. This gift idea is the perfect way to remember your children but also your parents and grandparents. Depending on how familiar you are with your spouse’s family history, you can even go back a few generations.

Personalized Jewelry

Jewelry may sound cliché, but there are many ways to make a simple piece of jewelry into a meaningful piece of art. If your spouse has a favorite gem, consider getting a ring or necklace with that stone as the centerpiece. On the back or interior of the piece, you can have a special message engraved that only they can read. You can also do the same thing with cuff links. If your partner wears shirts requiring cuff links, find a unique shape or symbol and have it engraved with a message of love.

Art From Your Travels

One fun way to surprise your spouse is to give them a piece of art you selected from one of your favorite trips together. If you had a romantic vacation in Paris, consider giving your partner a vintage map of the city. Or if you have a special photograph of the two of you or of a favorite memory from the trip, have the picture scaled and blown up to be printed on a canvas. Art from your travels is a great way to remember the beautiful times you have had together and remind them of their favorite places.

Gold-Dipped Rose

A rose is the time-honored symbol of true love—the flower of romance—but even this traditional symbol can be augmented for special anniversaries. Adding gold to the mix heightens the value and significance of the gift, enshrining it in one of the classical metals of beauty. Here at Love Is A Rose, we craft many different styles and colors of gold-dipped roses that will be sure to take your partner’s breath away. Especially if you are celebrating a lifetime of marriage together, this is one of the most unique 50th anniversary gifts.

Annotated Photo Album

Another creative anniversary gift is an annotated photo album. No matter how long you have been with your partner, you have shared countless moments and likely have taken photos of many of them. Think about compiling some of these photos around a romance-focused theme, such as “My Favorite Dates With You,” or a travel-centered theme like “All the Places We Will Go.” Regardless of the uniting idea, choose photos that tell part of the story of your relationship. Then go through each of the photos and add a sentence or two recalling the significance of the memory or what you loved about them at the moment of the photo.

Notes of Love Journal

This unique idea is not for the faint of heart, but your partner or spouse will be thrilled when they receive it. Over the course of a month, a few months, or even a whole year, write one thing you love about your partner that you experienced during the day. After some time passes, you may start to repeat some things but try to be as detailed as possible to switch it up. For example, instead of writing “I love being around you,” say “I love hearing your stories from childhood” or “I love when your laugh lights up the room.” At the beginning of the notebook, explain what it is all about, and in the end, write a journal entry about how the experience impacted you.

Weekend Getaway

Many couples can get stuck in the everyday rhythms of life and lose sight of the spontaneous and romantic. A really special gift to give your spouse is a weekend getaway to a spa, resort, or another exciting location. Find a place where you can get a couple’s massage, go out to a fancy dinner, and enjoy a luxurious hotel suite. Also, plan ahead and account for the details your partner might need to deal with such as work, childcare, or other obligations. When your partner receives hotel reservations or plane tickets for your anniversary, you know they will be excited to share the adventure with you.

These are just a few of the most unique anniversary gift ideas, but it ultimately is up to you to find a meaningful way to express the depth of your love for your partner. Celebrating your life together through the years becomes more special the more you invest in each other. Revisit some of your favorite memories and show how much you value them with gifts like these.

The Most Unique Anniversary Gift Ideas

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