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Sterling Silver Christmas Ornaments

How are these Silver Christmas Ornaments made?
This line of beautiful sterling silver ornaments is brand new to our collection here at Love Is A Rose, and all of these handmade ornaments for Christmas are handled with care and perfection in mind. Each ornament goes through a 4 step process which may sound simple, but is actually a time consuming process to get that beautiful shine that sterling silver is known for. It all starts at the drawing board where the artist draws the designs of all the ornaments. Next, a wax model is made recreating the drawings into their 3D form. Once those are made, it's time to do the casting and bring the silver into the mix. The process used is called lost wax casting. The wax models are put into plaster molds which are then heated up hot enough to vaporize the wax. Then the silver is poured into the molds and here is where the sterling silver ornaments take their shape, but they are not done yet. To get that wonderful silver sheen, these sterling silver Christmas ornaments go through hours of grinding, filing and polishing and eventually, after much care, that mirror finish is produced.


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Looking To Find Silver Christmas Ornaments This Year? We Carry Sterling Silver Christmas Ornaments.

Our creative Christmas gift ideas category includes our new collections of handmade ornaments for Christmas. These collections are ;

Twelve days of Christmas Ornaments - Each one portrays one of the twelve days of Christmas and its gift.

Classic Christmas Ornaments - Each one a unique classic depiction of Christmas.

Collectible Christmas Ornaments - Each one representing something of importance for Christmas.

Our handmade ornaments for Christmas are loved by all. Make a selection from our sterling silver Christmas ornaments for your loved one today. These sterling silver Christmas ornaments are a unique gift for teachers, baby sitters, mothers, daughters, sisters, and friends.

Keep our silver Christmas ornaments in mind as anniversary and wedding gifts also. Some people like to use one as part of the beautiful wrapping on a special gift.

Home > Creative Gift Ideas > Gold & Silver Christmas Ornaments > Sterling Silver Christmas Ornaments