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Personalized Gold Roses & Anniversary Gifts

24k Gold Mother's Day Rose Gifts

Add your favorite photo of your newborn to one of our preserved 24k gold roses to make a memorable gift that will last forever.

We have special 24k gold Mother's Day roses that come imprinted on the rose petals or have Mom's favorite photos engraved on heart charms. Your special message can also be engraved on a heart charm.

We all have great moments in our lives that we will never forget, but it's the photos that we capture that truly help us remember the good times we have had. Especially a mother's newborn baby. Now you can have Mom's special child's photo engraved on a heart charm and pair it with one of our beautifully 24k gold preserved roses. Not only will this help preserve that special moment, but when this unique Mother's Day gift is opened, it will be reborn and bring out a genuine smile.

Get Your Mom a 24k Gold Rose!

24k Gold Rose 1st Mother's Day Gift

A Preserved Real Rose To Say I Love You

Say "I Love You" with a real rose preserved forever that is:

  • trimmed and coated in 24k gold, silver or platinum.
  • available in several colors, each having different meanings and representing different birthmonths.
  • personalized on the petal to speak your loving words.

A rose symbolizes love and beauty. Love is one of the most influential emotions we feel on a day to day basis. Feeling it makes us feel wanted, needed, and appreciated. Beauty, for the woman, is sought after everyday. She just wants to look and feel beautiful. A personalized 24k gold preserved rose gives you the chance to show her your forever love and your admiration of her beauty through symbolism and your own words. It's a gift that will find a place in her heart to stay.

Say I Love You!

Valentines Day I Love You Rose

Our Engraved Family Tree Gift

The Engraved Family Tree is a special way to show your family how much they are loved. These exquisite family trees make wonderful anniversary or birthday gifts for parents, grandparents or spouses, and are great for Mother's Day. It is sure to be a lasting remembrance of what they cherish most: their family.

Your family members' names are engraved on magnetic discs and hearts in golden bronze or silver. Couples will be together on the slightly larger hearts, and the grandchildren will be on the discs.

Family trees come in a variety of designs and make the perfect, personalized gift for every occasion. Give the gift that will become an heirloom that will be appreciated for generations to come.

Select Your Engraved Family Tree!

Personalized Mother's Day Gift

A Rose Personalized With Her Favorite Date

This real rose is preserved forever and trimmed in 24k gold, silver or platinum. This is a perfect wedding gift and an even better anniversary gift. Here is why.

  • It is personalized on the petal with his and her first names and that special wedding or anniversary date!
  • It will mean more to her than fine jewelry you can buy for 20 times the price.
  • It is a gift of love, beauty, and pure affection.
  • It is a special gift that your woman will treasure, display, and remember for the rest of her life.

Sometimes, finding an anniversary gift can be hard. After the years have past you start to run out of new and unique ideas. Especially when you are really trying to surprise her. Our beautiful 24k gold personalized roses are nothing short of unique, and they are a gift that will last forever. They will truly represent the love you will share for a lifetime.

Give Her Something Different!

24k Gold Rose For a Wedding or Anniversary Gift

Creative Mother's Day Gifts

Here are 4 of our favorite Mother's Day gifts and at a bargain of a price! Stun your mom with a beautiful 24k gold dipped rose for a Mother's Day Gift.

Creative Anniversary Gifts

Not only are our gold roses unique and great for creative anniversary gifts, but we also have custom shadow boxes, copper roses, mini gold roses and fine jewelry that all make great Anniversary Gift Ideas.

Birthday Gifts

We have hundreds of products suitable for birthday gifts. Our birthday roses, birthstone jewelry, plush stuffed animals, gold roses, and copper roses all make great Birthday Gift Ideas, and they are very easy on your wallet!

New Unique Gifts

We are creating new unique gifts everyday. Here are four of our newest additions to our growing collection of gifts.

Welcome to Love is a Rose. We are located in suburban Chicago and have been creating unique gifts that celebrate relationships since 1966. Most of the personalized gifts on our site have been created exclusively by us, and every gift is sent with love and care in a beautiful gift box. We specialize in personalized messages of love, so feel free to let your loved one know how much you truly care. They will know it's a gift from the heart. If you have any special personalized gift requests not seen on our site, call us at 630-393-1111. We love fulfilling your needs for creative anniversary gifts.

Read the video's whole description to find a special treasure!

Gold Roses - Silver Roses - Platinum Roses

A rose symbolizes love and beauty, but a fresh one will wither and die, unlike our gold rose! Also, the precious gold of the earth each flower is made with, symbolizes richness and power. Show her how rich and powerful your love is with our gold roses!

These fresh-cut roses are grown in the U.S.A. Then, through a process that takes over 50 steps, they are preserved in genuine 24k gold, silver or platinum. They are great for creative anniversary gifts, birthdays, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Christmas or just to say I love you. No matter what the occassion is, a Gold Rose is the perfect gesture of love.

We have two main collections to choose from. Our entirely dipped roses and our trimmed roses. The dipped rose collection includes Pure 24k Gold Dipped Roses, Sterling Silver Dipped Roses, and Pure Platinum Dipped Roses. All of these roses are completely preserved in the precious metal leaving no natural petal color. This gives you the pure bling factor which lots of women love! If you think she would prefer a more natural look, then choose from our trimmed rose collection. This includes 24k Gold Trimmed Roses, Platinum Trimmed Roses, Silver Trimmed Roses, and Antique Copper Roses. What is different about theses is the petals of the flowers are preserved in a lacquer and then trimmed in the precious metal. This give a more subtle bling while still preserving the natural color of the rose. Our exclusive specialty is to personalize the petal of these natural color trimmed roses. If you would like to personalize a dipped rose, you may add an engraved heart charm that hangs from the bud of the flower. You can also add a birthstone, teddy bear, museum case, crystal vase to any of our roses.

You'll also want to check out our Italian Made Porcelain Flowers, or our Turkish Crystal Roses. For a truly elegant gift, see our signature series of Special Occasion Shadow Boxes which are in each of our different Preserved Rose categories. Exclusively created by Love Is A Rose, our Shadow Boxes come with one gold rose or even three of our gold roses mounted to the back of the frame. You may choose from three different background colors and the shadow boxes can be personalized with your custom engraved loving message. This makes a perfect gift for that special person in your life, or for that special event. Create a loving memory that will last forever!

We take pride in our high quality gold roses, silver roses and platinum roses. Give her one rose that will last a lifetime, or get her a dozen roses. She is worth it!

Anniversary Gold Rose

Gold Dipped Rose and Engraved Disc

Copper Rose Heart Shadow Box

Gold Roses For Creative Anniversary Gift

Family Tree Gifts

Engraved Family Tree Stand

This is one of our longest running gift items that we have been creating since 1966! Family Birthstone Trees are a lovely way to show your family how much they mean to you. They make creative anniversary gifts for the grandparents who started your tightly-woven family years ago, putting all the love and care into each strand that holds the family together. You may also check out our new Engraved Family Tree Stand. This three dimensional tree is a wonderful gift for your wife, parents, or couple who have just scratched the surface of building their young loving family. What is great about this particular family tree is the ease of making additions for all the newborns to come in the future. But, no matter who this gift is for, a Family Birthstone Tree is an elegant and lasting remembrance of what people cherish most - their family.

Sterling Silver Jewelry

Sterling Silver Cross Pendant Sterling Silver Snowflake Charm

On this portion of our site, silver, gold, diamond, and gemstone jewelry is selected with value and style in mind. Our wide selection includes Designer Sterling Jewelry, Anniversary Diamond Jewelry, Celtic Jewelry, Sterling Silver Pins for dog and cat lovers, and we even have Birthstone Jewelry. We also have a large line of Sterling Silver Charms and a brand new line of Sterling Silver Story Beads. With these you can create heart-felt personalized gifts that will never be forgotten. They can also add more charms or beads themselves, making them perfect for creative anniversary gifts!

Roses For an Anniversary Gift

Anniversary Gifts By Year Gold Roses Anniversary Gifts By Year Gold Roses
1st Year Anniversary Gift Gold Rose 18th Year Anniversary Gift Cream Rose
2nd Year Anniversary Gift Red Rose 19th Year Anniversary Gift Light Blue Rose
3rd Year Anniversary Gift Crystal Rose 20th Year Anniversary Gift Platinum Rose
4th Year Anniversary Gift Light Blue Rose 21st Year Anniversary Gift Pink Rose
5th Year Anniversary Gift Orange Rose 22nd Year Anniversary Gift Copper Rose
6th Year Anniversary Gift Purple Rose 23rd Year Anniversary Gift Orange Rose
7th Year Anniversary Gift Copper Rose 24th Year Anniversary Gift Dark Blue Rose
8th Year Anniversary Gift Light Green Rose 25th Year Anniversary Gift Silver Rose
9th Year Anniversary Gift Dark Blue Rose 30th Year Anniversary Gift Cream Rose
10th Year Anniversary Gift White Rose 35th Year Anniversary Gift Dark Green Rose
11th Year Anniversary Gift Light Blue Rose 40th Year Anniversary Gift Red Rose
12th Year Anniversary Gift Orange Rose 45th Year Anniversary Gift Dark Blue Rose
13th Year Anniversary Gift Dark Green Rose 50th Year Anniversary Gift Gold Rose
14th Year Anniversary Gift Purple Rose 55th Year Anniversary Gift Cream Rose
15th Year Anniversary Gift Gold Rose 60th Year Anniversary Gift White Rose
16th Year Anniversary Gift Light Green Rose 65th Year Anniversary Gift Dark Blue Rose
17th Year Anniversary Gift Purple Rose 75th Year Anniversary Gift Platinum Rose