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10th Anniversary Gifts

Our collection of 10th anniversary gifts was chosen with love. Our most creative gifts are our handmade, porcelain roses. We also have porcelain roses displayed on leaves which make very unique gifts for her or your parents. We have the best 10 year anniversary gift ideas that are memorable and will be cherished. This important celebration is a time to express your love and send anniversary gifts from your heart. If you are looking for 10th anniversary gift ideas for her, for parents or your friends, check out all of the special gifts offered at Love Is A Rose!

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Silver Trimmed Light Blue 11" Rose
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Code: 11STRLB
8" Silver Dipped Rose
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Code: 8ASR
11" Silver Dipped Rose
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Code: 11ASR
2 Silver Trim Roses in Promise Vase & Engraved Heart
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Code: 11STR2PV
3 Past, Present, Future 8" Silver Dipped Roses
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Code: 8ASR3
2 Silver Napkin Ring Set with Preserved Rose
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Code: ASNR
Silver Rose Candle Holder: 3 Preserved Roses
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Code: ASCsH
Silver Rose Candle Holder: 6 Preserved Roses
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Code: ASCH

A Silver Trimmed Blue Rose is the Perfect 10th Anniversary Gift

It can be hard to come up with 10th anniversary gift ideas for your loved ones. This is a special celebration and should be celebrated with some amount of fanfare. But how do you know the perfect gift for your mate?

What about a blue rose? The modern, 10 year anniversary gift ideas have been aluminum or tin. Many people will accompany this kind of gift with real roses, but those will just wither and die. A more lasting option is to buy a light or dark blue rose preserved in silver, thus preserving the natural beauty of the rose while giving a modern anniversary gift.

We also offer a shadow box that can be made with silver trimmed blue roses. This is sure to delight that special person in your life.

Our unique 10th anniversary gifts have been chosen with love by us here at Love Is A Rose. Wives give a lot to their husbands throughout the years and husbands like to show their appreciation of this love and support by finding the perfect 10 year anniversary gift. We have ideas that will bring a tear of joy to her eye. Our porcelain roses are handmade and can be a creative way to show your love.

Love is very important to our physical and mental health if you are lucky enough to have found someone to love and share your life with, give her a special memorable gift. Our roses are a way to tell her how thankful you are for all that she has given you over the years. This is a good time to give her a gift that represents the past, present and the future. Love is a beautiful thing and I think that is why flowers are used to represent our love, because of their beauty.