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Gold Trimmed Roses

Our Gold Trimmed Roses are carefully selected, real roses preserved in lacquer and have 24k gold trim. These flowers range from eight inches to eleven inches long with the most popular size being our eleven inch gold roses. All sizes are available in a variety of colors like red, purple, blue, and black, and many come with personalized vases. The eleven inch gold roses can also be personalized with a custom message on the petal. You may add a personalized heart charm to be hung from the bud to all of these gold roses. Where else will you buy real preserved roses that are personalized on the petals and have 24k gold tipped edges? The answer is nowhere. We are the only supplier who is capable of that.

Personalize the 8 inch gold roses with engraved heart charms. Personalize the 11 inch gold roses with imprinted messages right on the petals.

24k Gold Trimmed Star Ruby Rose : 11in
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Code: 11GTRSR
Gold Dipped Rose 11 Inch Aquamarine Rose
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Code: 11GTRLB
Enchanted 11in. Gold Trimmed Rose
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Code: 11RRICV5x1GDW
His and Her 24k Gold Trimmed Roses: 8in.
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Code: HH8RR2
2 Gold Trimmed Roses in Heart Vase Anniversary Gift: 8in.
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Code: 8RR2HV
His and Her 24k Gold Trimmed Roses: 11in.
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Code: HHVD11RGR2
2 Gold Roses in Promise Glass Vase
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Code: 11RR2PV
1st Anniversary Gift: 2 Gold Trim Roses & Museum Case
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Code: 11RRAMC
3 Past, Present, Future 24k Gold Trimmed Roses: 8in.
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Code: 8RR3
3 Gold Roses: 11in.
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Code: 11RR3
24k Gold Trimmed Roses: Half Dozen 8in. Rose Bouquet
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Code: 8RR6
24k Gold Trimmed Roses: Half Dozen 11in. Rose Bouquet
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Code: 11RR6
24k Gold Trimmed Roses: 1 Dozen 8in. Rose Bouquet
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Code: 8RR12
1 Dozen 11in Gold Roses
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Code: 11RR12
24k Gold Trimmed Roses: 2 Dozen 11in. Rose Bouquet
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Code: 11RR24

Real Roses are gifts of love. Why not give a gold rose that lasts forever?

A rose symbolizes love and beauty, but a fresh one will wither and die, unlike our gold rose! Also, the precious gold of the earth each flower is made with, symbolizes richness and power. Show her how rich and powerful your love is with our gold roses. Give her 2 gold roses for a Christmas gift, or an anniversary gift. A gold rose bouquet is perfect for a Valentines Day gift or a birthday gift. A red gold rose is a beautiful way to show your love for a Mothers Day gift. No matter who you are giving a gold rose to, we are confident that you will find a gift to suit your needs here at Love Is A Rose.

How are Gold Trimmed Roses made?

There are over 50 steps to create a gold trimmed rose. Since we would rather not get into the fine details of every step included to produce the gold roses, we'll only share the most important steps. First and foremost, before anything happens to turn a real rose into a gold trimmed rose, a rose must be selected when it is at the peak of it's bloom. Next, it's preserved in lacquer, and then it's electro-plated with a secret blended formula preparing the real rose to become a gold rose. Later, they are all repaired and reformed until the freshly preserved roses are ready for the 24k gold finish. They are electro-plated in layers of copper, then nickel, and then the 24k gold. It can take 3-6 months of hand work to finish these gold trimmed roses, but once they are done, they will last a lifetime. Much like the love they are often used to represent.