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Gold Roses: Preserved Real Roses in 24k Gold, Silver & Platinum

Our flowers are carefully selected, real roses preserved in 24k gold, silver, platinum and copper. These preserved roses come in a variety of sizes and colors, including mini and long stem gold roses. You may also choose entirely dipped roses that are fully preserved in 24k gold, silver or platinum. If you prefer the look of a natural flower with it's vibrant petal color, choose a real rose trimmed in 24k gold, silver, platinum or copper. Each color has a special meaning of its own and we also carry preserved roses that represent each birth month of the year. These are our special Birthday Roses. Our real roses make a "wow" statement portraying the love that still shines brightly!

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Almost Every Rose Has the Option to be Personalized in some way

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A Preserved Real Rose that is Personalized? Well, that is our specialty!

Our exclusive and most popular service is our ability to personalize the petal of a natural preserved rose. For the holidays you will find personalized Mother's Day roses, but one of our most popular customer choices of personalized roses, is the eleven inch "I Love You" Rose. What is even better than that, is your ability to add your custom personalization to almost every preserved rose on our site! Not all can be personalized on the petal but you may add a personalized heart charm to hang from the bud of the real rose or add a personalized vase. Another Love Is A Rose exclusive is our preserved roses in museum cases. These are by far the best way to display your everlasting real rose. If you feel she really deserves to be swept off her feet, you can blow her away with our preserved rose bouquets! Commemorate your love with preserved roses that will leave them in awe. Give a rose that lasts a lifetime.

Read the video's whole description to find a special treasure!

The World's Most Famous Flower: The Rose

There is no other flower that has captivated man's imagination or has been so celebrated in literature and art. Since ancient times the rose has been grown for the beauty and fragrance of its flowers. It has been used to represent the love in relationships of all kinds and for all different kinds of occasions. The rose is believed to be the first flower to have been cultivated and is stil the most widely varying and widely cultivated flower in existence.

A World Famous Precious Metal: Gold

Gold is a precious metal that has been used for coinage, jewelry, and other arts throughout recorded history. Gold in its physical state, by its very nature, denotes wealth and prestige in every country, culture and market in the world today. It is probably the most valuable and easily traded commodity available in the global market place. The color of gold also has many great meanings. It is associated with abundance, prosperity and well being. Gold also implies richness, extravagance, prestige, sophistication and elegance.

Real Roses are gifts of love. Why not give a gold rose that lasts forever?

A rose symbolizes love and beauty, but a fresh one will wither and die, unlike our gold rose! Also, the precious gold of the earth each flower is made with, symbolizes richness, abundance and well being. Show her how rich and abundant your love is with our gold roses. Show her that the love between the tow of you brings a wonderful feeling of well bieng. Give her 2 gold roses for a Christmas gift, or an anniversary gift. A gold rose bouquet is perfect for a Valentines Day gift or a birthday gift. A red gold rose is a beautiful way to show your love for a Mothers Day gift. No matter who you are giving a gold rose to, we are confident that you will find a gift to suit your needs here at Love Is A Rose.